3rd International Conference on High Energy Physics

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The worlds leading Global Conferenceseries event organiser Conference Series LLC invites all the participants from all over the world to attend the prestigious Scientific "3rd International Conference on High Energy Physics" which is to be held during December 11-12,2017 at Rome, Italy which includes prompt Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions from experts in the High Energy Physics, leaders from the fields of Particle Physics, and students from diverse groups,leading universities, research institutions and Physics Industries to share their research experiences on all aspects of this rapidly expanding field and thereby, providing a showcase of the sophisticated techniques with theme -New Directions in Experiment and Theory of High Energy Physics
High Energy Nuclear Physics
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
Heavy Ion Physics
Collider Physics
Neutrino Physics
Atomic and Molecular Physics
Subatomic Particles
Quantum Mechanics
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§ Universe is a multi-dimensions sphere of dark matter To imagine that we may imagine a cube of dark matter Three dimensions cube id composed of six two dimensions squares. In case of the four dimensions cube instead the squares we put three dimensions cubes. And so, four dimensional cubic is composed of six of four dimensions cubes, in a way which we can’t imagine it mentally. And so, the six dimensions world and the seven dimensions world And if we replace these cubes with spheres we can imagine the form of the multi dimensions sphere universe. This sphere started as a single dot with zero dimensions but it has energy of existence, existence in time with no place, time is necessary to make motion, this energy makes this dot moves to make a line that perform one dimension world, the line moves and rotates to make a circle it means two dimensions world and the circle moves to make three dimensions sphere that moves to make four dimensions sphere which moves to make five dimensions sphere. And so, until makes seven dimensions sphere As the motion of the dot of energy makes line what makes the place after reaching three dimensions form of energy or of matter (both are the same) this matter what we call it dark matter Also, the motion of this dot repeats its existence and makes line of existence what makes time which living creatures can realize after reaching three dimensions form of energy It's like making a movie from steady images The dot has zero dimensions but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist as we don't see zero in nature but we can imagine it, that's mean it exists as an idea- a though - and that is a shape of existence (shape of energy) and that's the simplest shape of energy, this energy doesn't belong to our three dimensions world so can't be realized physically ,the major idea of existence belongs to another existence with no time and place , it's the knowledge of the creator of the universe, of our existence which has time and place. The multi dimensions sphere has very high pressure of the dark matter that makes the dark matter returns to the simplest form – strings form – then it gets back to the seven dimensions world. This process is like the water cycle in nature. We see water as snow then appear as a liquid status then return to be vapor then liquid then steam again which is the simplest status. The dark matter is moving between worlds (spheres) in zigzag track. To imagine that, we can imagine a thick sheet of rubber overlapped so many times and placed in very small box then we imagine an ant moving on the surface of this super folded sheet. While the dark matter moves in those zigzag tracks under very high pressure it emits energy which is gamma rays and that's explains the phenomena of (gamma ray busters). The scientist observed emissions of gamma rays in random places in universe and they can't explain the reason of those emissions or determine the source of it. The vortexes Because of the super folding of the dark matter, the dark matter had been very compressed and very intensive and that makes it transmits by whirl pooling in tiny holes which act like shortcuts between worlds and that is besides the tracks through folding layers. Those vortexes make particles because of an accumulation of dark matter happens in vortexes before they release dark matter The quark for example is a vortex transmitting dark matter from the four dimensions world to the three dimensions world and the anti quark is another vortex which transmits dark matter from the three dimensions world to the two dimensions world , both vortexes connected with each other by exchanging the impulsive dark matter between them and both vortexes keep a quantum of dark matter in the center of the vortex because the speed of dark matter is increasing continuously .so, the amount of dark matter that coming in is always more the amount is coming out from the three dimensions world and so for the other worlds Each vortex is composed of three vortexes in the three axis ( x , y , z ) These vortexes cause a strong condensation of the dark matter (the ether ) in a small space The dark matter moves to inside vortexes in a waveform, the volume of vortex determine the oscillation of waves, each Sub atomic particle has its oscillation This theory consider the dark matter is the ether, The ether is material has rubbery and flexible entity. Why The sphere is seven dimensional? There are seven levels of existence in universe starting from the one dimensions world until the seven dimensions worlds, each atom which is a vortex of dark matter has its shadows if we can describe them like this , those shadows are vortexes in the other worlds and because there are seven worlds there are seven orbits in the atom, the strings of dark matter passing through the multi dimensions worlds are getting different levels of energy, the top level is the seventh level represent the seventh orbit which has the biggest capacity that arms of the vortex can reach. And for the same reason there are seven main colors in the spectrum. Dark matter and time Dark matter motion composes the time and in case of stopping this motion there will be no time. Also causes the vortexes rotation. Thus, causes the mass existence and energy existence consequently. If particles move in very high speed it approaches to the speed of dark matter which causes time. So, the difference between its speed and the speed the renewal of the ether becomes lesser. Then, time passes slowly to those particles and the mass that are composed of those particles. We can’t recognize the time passing – the renewal of ether – because we have the same oscillation of ether in our world like someone traveling in space he can’t realize that he is moving because he can’t see any steady thing around him. but any object in the four dimensional world can realize time in our world because It has a different oscillation this object is the etheric body which is an opposite body to human body in the four dimensional world as every vortex in three dimensional world has opposite vortex in the four dimensional and any mass is a gathering of vortexes (particles). the speed of dark matter motion increases because the folding of ether is resolving very slowly and that makes the zigzag path of the dark matter unblended loose path which makes dark matter moves faster in this path , And that causes accelerating in moving from world to another and so time passes more faster. This is the main cause of sensing that time passes more quickly than it was in the past. Time slowing in big mass field When any mass which is composed of vortexes( particles) approaches big masses ( big vortexes ) the small vortex which creates the particle will be attracted to the big vortex . This happens by attracting small vortexes to the big vortex and this is cause decreasing in the dark matter’s condensation in the small vortex and consequently decreasing the oscillation .the oscillation that makes time, that causes time slowing for particles in the field of big masses. - Dark matter is like the air and dark energy for it is like sound meaning when dark matter oscillates it composes dark energy , dark energy is a vibration in dark matter - Dark matter is forming the cores of particles , stars , photons and so on and they are not moving strongly like the dark energy around them , the core of those subjects has high density ,so they are not oscillated strong enough so not making waves like dark energy ,for that DE is 72% and the dark matter is less. The big bang In the beginning of the universe it has been a crack caused a big vortex in the center of the multidimensional spheres, That crack happened because of the high pressure of the folded dark matter This vortex composed of three vortexes in three axes. So, it caused a very strong condensation of the dark matter in the vortex’s center and caused increasing in density and make it intense matter . After reaching to a critical point. The compression made very powerful explosion, the vortex’s center turned to be small vortexes from the dark matter which created the basic vortexes that composed photons then electrons and positrons, gluons, protons until created the atoms. These vortexes convey the dark matter from dimensional world to another dimensional world The dark matter speed increases continuously and that makes the whirl pooling motion gets faster, Then the particles in the universe will be attracted to the Center of the first Vortex again in center of universe and turn all particles in universe to a single one mass as they were before the Big Bang. Stars and galaxies are big vortexes linking the multidimensional worlds. The star’s sites have great importance. Because in these specific sites vortexes achieve the most stability for the folded layers of dark matter. The creating of earth There was big vortex in the place of the earth, this vortex attracted atoms to it and after being cold it formed the planet of earth , There were other big vortexes attracted small vortexes to them but they didn't lose their energy because the power of these vortexes was very high, those big vortexes are the stars . The light and dark matter Photon is small quantum of dark matter, the oscillation of the dark matter what is making photons move. This means that time’s waves causes photons motion. If any mass has the same dark matter renewal speed which causes times oscillation. Time doesn't pass for it. So time will be zero for it. This means If any mass moves in the speed of light The time will zero for it The oscillation of the ether (or time passing) Causes photons moving in increasing acceleration. But stay for our three dimensional world constant speed which is the speed of light. Because the ether oscillates and causes photons and particles oscillation. The photons oscillate and move causing ray of light. The particles oscillate and don’t move because this energy is going to vortexes, the photons oscillation increases continuously because of the motion of ether increases because the folding of ether is resolving very slowly and that makes the zigzag path of the dark matter unblended loose path which makes dark matter moves faster in this path, so photos speed increases as well. Also, the vortexes oscillation. That oscillation presents time and when the photons and particles have the same changing of time there will be no changing in speed of photons with reference to time to the particles. Thus, there will be no acceleration of photons with particles. As the force is the product of the mass with acceleration. And acceleration here means acceleration of light. F = a c * m ac acceleration of light * d F*D = E E = mc2 The acceleration is division distance and time square. Therefore the final product is the square for speed of light multiplicand in mass. This is the equation of energy for EINSTEIN The Strong Nuclear Force explanation The one dimensional world ( the simple basic phase of the dark matter )is formed from strings . So, in the three dimensional world when vortexes attract the dark matter. The high pressure of the vortexes returns the dark matter to its simplest phase which is strings. The dark matter that emerged from vortex as strings form, Then attracted to the other vortex and moves inside the hybrid form to the anti vortex, then the compressed strings of dark matter comes out the vortex center to the uncompressed dark matter outside the vortex in the space between particles , it moves in the form of hybrid attracted to the anti vortex. Gluons are composed from three sub vortexes in the three axes X , Y , Z . Each one of these vortexes connects with similar vortexes in other gluons by the strings of dark matter (the gloun tube) The electron and the anti electron (positron) are smaller and quicker vortexes than other sub atomic particles. So, when the vortex and the anti vortex interlace. The exchange of the dark matter happens quicker. So, pressure decrease on the vortex center quicker .The Residual amount of dark matter in the center will be large which create the photon. time oscillation causes the moving of photon which still moving until this compressed amount of dark matter lose its pressure and turns to uncompressed plain dark matter . the time that the photon remains compressed depends on the volume of the vortex. Symmetry The grand vortexes ( the galaxies ) act like shortcuts connecting the multi dimensional worlds . existence of vortexes and anti vortexes keep the balance between the worlds to make the entering dark matter to the vortex equals the mount of dark matter that coming out , but accumulation of the dark matter happens in vortexes before it comes out and this is the cause the symmetry breaking in universe . Because vortex has a lot of arms which are vacuum tinny Tunnels. All that arms can interact with the other vortexes in the same way. So, that makes the super symmetry. The chirality The chirality of living creatures is in one direction caused by the dark matter direction of rotation between worlds . Electron's charge In case of the elementary particles. The dark matter is being exchanged between the particles which are vortexes. Because the electron exists single. And not surrounded by other vortexes which will absorb the dark matter from electron's vortex. Thus, the whole energy of the vortex of electron concerns in making its charge and its spin which is strong. Black holes The stars work as vortexes. So, it absorb dark matter from the four dimensional world and emerge it in our world making light The black holes are anti vortexes so it absorb dark matter from our three dimensional world and emerge it in the two dimensional world. So, like every quark has anti quark, every star has a black hole in proper distance. Flat universe The universe is accelerating exponentially. because that, the dark matter moves accelerating to other dimensional worlds causing rapid passage of time and causing that the universe is considered flat. As the light which moves in dark matter remains moving within the dark matter when it enters the multi-dimensional worlds and when the dark matter bends the light bends with it . So, the light remains appearing in straight lines because the whole world bends with it. Physics and Psychology The vortexes transmit The dark matter ( the ether) between worlds. Vortexes are in couples, a vortex moves dark matter from the four dimensions world to the three dimensions world and this makes an anti vortex in the four dimensions world. And an anti vortex moves dark matter from the three dimensions world to the two dimensions world and this makes a vortex in the four dimensions world .so for the other multi dimensions worlds. So, there is an opposite particle for each particle in our world. Meaning there is inverse state to the materials in our world. We can call this opposite material the etheric body. The human body has identical etheric body in the four and five dimensional world. And have mind and heart in this body The oscillation of the ether in the four dimensional world is different from the ether in the three dimensional world The ideas are waves in the ether (dark matter) in the four dimensional world . When the ideas increase. It conveys bigger amount of the ether to the vortexes in the four dimensional world . it means that ideas turn to materials in the four dimensional world . Those material is saved in the heart of the body of human in the four dimensional world ( the etheric body ) . when the material that composed in the four dimensional (ideas) increase It conveys bigger amount of the ether to the vortexes in the five dimensional world and turn it to material in that world. Meaning that when we think in something for a long time. These ideas turn to feelings. These feelings are saved in the heart of the five dimensional enteric body In sleeping the etheric body's mind Can raise to a higher level of energy in the etheric multi-dimensional world to Receive the ideas of the events moving in time cycle ( dark matter cycle) before moving to the three-dimensional world and become in physical state. Ideas’ energy The ideas are waves in the ether (dark matter) in the four dimensional world. Ideas are compose of simple elements: Voices, shapes , Colors, letters Every element has its special etheric energy with specific frequency(etheric energy means energy in the four dimensional world) During thinking in an idea. The energies of letters, colors and shapes and the rest of those elements are emitting from the etheric body mind Energies of ideas rises to the bigger dimensional world. And affect at energies of events. Events are composed of ideas During thinking in an idea or group of related ideas the ideas energy increase. Events’ energy moves from the bigger dimensions world to the smaller dimensions world to turn to materials Feelings are ideas have more energy, because ideas are in the five dimensions world. Ideas’ energy is saved in the mind of the etheric body as a four dimensional mass, that mass when it becomes bigger for an specific idea then this mass has a bigger opposite mass in the five dimensions world which is feeling. Mass in the five dimensions world has more energy because that world is very intensive. So, the mass of feeling is more powerful and emitting more energy to our world. Feeling’s energy is saved in the five dimensional etheric body Which we name it heart , heart that can feel and recognize feelings’ energies from the world, it different than the biological heart but the five dimensional etheric body affects strongly on the heart of human so we can name it heart or etheric heart So, feelings are five dimensional masses. Any inanimate thing has etheric body. So, it can store energies of ideas and events which can affect later in human’s etheric mind and etheric heart . The etheric body and evaluation The etheric mind of controls the internal organs and the nucleic acid The etheric mind adapt with the fields of the etheric energy belongs to the bodies in the surrounding environment and affects at nucleic acid of the etheric body which affects at the physical body and to evaluate with time , some organs adapt with the surrounding envelopment because Small changes happen in every era and the evaluation happens by the accumulation of changes . So, earth and walls and any solids can keep ideas’ energy and feeling’ energy of persons who lived beside it and affects in any enteric body for any human near by The language of mind Ideas are being in brain in the form of images and shapes, expressed in hieroglyphics in logo graphic elements , but in other languages shapes are replaced with letters have etheric energy represent images and affect the mind like images, Subconscious mind language or language of ideas turned into several languages because of the various inputs of the conscious mind which different between regions In the beginning of mankind the people were talking one language but after they separated the inputs of the conscious mind become different so each group of people had its own language but in mind these languages turns to the language of mind Children and animals because the conscious mind isn't complicated and has little inputs so their subconscious mind are more stronger and thus they can use the language of ideas meaning they can partially read minds and understand some simple ideas The supreme energy There is supreme energy coming from outside the universe, it causes the motion of the dark matter and organize the ideas of events. Every name of Allah (GOD) is presenting an idea’s energy, there are major ideas organize event’s energy like right. Justice, mercy and so. The holy names like the merciful, the just, the aware, the all knowing and the most strong and so on. Those ideas’ energy considered supreme energy because it controls and organizes events in the world. The supreme energy affects the higher level of the human body which is the soul. As the etheric body reacts with energies of ideas which have etheric condition. The soul reacts with the supreme (Spiritual) energy. Because the soul has same condition of supreme energy. So the soul can realize all major ideas and be affected with it and can. some of those major ideas represent the adjectives of the our creator, so the soul can realize physically in her level of energy that is a creator for her and for the whole existence as the mind can realize light and materials, but we can't depend on the mind to realize a high level of energy mind away from mind precept. The supreme energy increases in the worship places because the names and ideas that have supreme energy are repeated in it . Positive energy and gravity Positive energy is transmitting dark matter from the four dimensional world to our world in faster rate than the normal. And negative energy dark matter is transferring dark matter in a rate less than the normal Positive energy comes from major ideas and any event or object depends on those major ideas The increasing of entrance of dark matter makes it more intensive And that makes time passes slower because the oscillation becomes slower in intensive dark matter, also affects the sub atomic reactions and decreases the speediness And increases the electric current speediness in wires because of increasing alienation between electrons, and on photon, the mass of photons becomes bigger. Thus, light take long time before vanishing and become stronger and loaded with more energy. Also, the vortexes rotates slower and the exchange of dark matter among them becomes lesser, so gravitation among particles becomes less, and the gravity of earth becomes less Positive or negative energy is the energy in its pure status which comes from the bigger dimensional world. It can affect in the electronic circuits and pendulum. Because it affects in electrons’ speediness and the force of the electromagnetic field and the field of gravity. If we control in we can control gravity Memory The etheric mind consider as a store to the memory. All the energies of ideas stored as four dimensional mass in the etheric mind, And the etheric body heart consider as store center. Event’s energy When we think in an idea. The mind of the etheric body turns it to waves of energy in the bigger dimensional world. This idea energy Strengthens one event energy and make event overcome another every event’s energy in the four dimensional world has a wave function. It specifies number of paths that event can take it. The idea’s energy specifies one path from these paths to take it in the three dimension world. It means that event has number of probabilities in the four dimensions world those probabilities are sub atomic particles exist in more than one Place (super position). But the energy which was resulted from thinking in one of these probabilities is enough to convey the energy of one probability of events to our three dimensional world. So, those sub atomic particles become one particle meaning one mass. This complies with Schrodinger experiment because those sub particles when approach the three dimensional world are in two places and this approach is close enough to emerge waves can be detected. After the two probabilities meaning the two sub atomic particles get energy which is idea energy or any kind of energy powerful enough, like electromagnetic field in case of physical experiments, they become one probability meaning one sub atomic particle one of those two probabilities is prevented from getting energy the other sub atomic particle become two probabilities meaning become two sub atomic particles until they get enough energy Thus, in that famous weird experiment when we run a stream of electrons throw the device which is y-spin electrons in this case. the electromagnetic field in this device is supposed to form two types of spin, half of them ( x – spin) and the other is ( y–spin ) but it doesn't , it only emerges one sort of spin ( y – spin ) And this only happens with ( y – spin ) electrons because this spin is similar to the direction of rotation of the vortex or has the same equation. So, the waves of energy affect on it strongly, the other spin rotates in other direction. If the waves of idea's energy don't match the equation of this spin they don't select it, then the other electron with the other spin takes place. and this operation happens with the other sub atomic particles. And when put a small wall in one path of the electrons to absorb one type of them meaning we prevent energy to affect this probability, two types are getting out from the device meaning two probabilities are getting out . Ideas’ energy overcomes one of the probabilities. As Allah makes human able to control in his body and in nature around him. He also makes him able to control in some events which occur to him or any other person . And the all minor events that related with someone are stored in the brain of his etheric body like DNA but in etheric status. (Thus, sometimes we see some events and feel that we have seen those events before. the fact is we can partially see some stored events in our etheric brain. If we don’t affect on those events with our idea’s energies, the best probability of events will happen. But as we think and expect some events we choose and make probabilities of our own we bring some bad events to our world. It's like what mankind did in nature because of interfering with it. There are major events like major ideas come from outside the universe moving through the multi dimensional worlds, those major events human can’t control it. Major events and major ideas are controlling the system of the universe and all its elements and all the reactions between those elements. As a result of the dark matter rotation between dimensions. The energies of events convey and rotate within it. So, some events are repeated after. So, History repeats itself. The etheric body has its DNA which store all the information about the person, the biological DNA just a link between the etheric DNA and the cells, etheric DNA can receive energies of ideas from the environment, so it can evaluate according to these surrounded information Numbers' energy The numbers are ideas which have her own energy, the idea of the number one comes from the first number occurred in universe which is the idea of first dimensions world and the idea of umber two comes from the idea of the two dimensions world and so on with the rest multi dimensions worlds those ideas of numbers have the same super power of those worlds that compose the universe, every world of those has its own frequency and has its own energies of ideas those special energy goes to the number that represent its specific world The things which have the same idea of number meaning which repeated the same times get resonance between each other and that transfer energies and properties of those things between them The order of alphabetic letters gives each letter a number and when specific number become associated with specific letter the letter gets the number's energy Water and positive energy Water doesn't have specified form or color. So it hasn't a signature of energy (color energy or form energy) discriminate it Water can strongly absorb ethreric energy and save it Water store energies of ideas and considered as storage for The water cycle in nature absorbs the negative energy from the earth and emerge the positive energy in case of raining. Moon influence Each mass has an etheric body in the four-dimensional world , if the mass has Large volume and high density it will have a strong etheric body and a wide etheric field. That's like earth , moon and mountains, because of the moon is exposed to the sunlight directly and continuously , the moon is emitting strong etheric waves that have strong influences on the etheric body of human , the etheric body is related directly with the unconscious awareness and the feelings of human. This influence become effective at night because the radiation of the sun weakens the transmission of etheric waves The sun has a strong impact, but in our three dimensional world Because it represents a vortex transfers etheric energy ( the dark matter) from the four dimensional to three dimensional world , but it has no effect on the etheric body. Energy of existence idea Everything consists of energy of idea that turned to a physical State in the three dimensional world ,The dark matter that causing the existence of time and place when it oscillates is the energy of the idea of existence existence itself is an idea and this idea as all sort of ideas is an energy , we can consider that the energy of idea is a block and universe is a building , to imagine this we can describe the universe like a world we dream with while we're sleeping , this world is built of energy , just some sort of energy your mind is generating and we call it idea but in fact it's kind of energy, the creator of universe built the universe by a kind of energy too which we can call it idea of energy but it's the main basic idea which is the existence idea , this idea is coming from the knowledge of the creator like ideas which consist our dreams is coming our limited knowledge, the knowledge of creator is unlimited and it's like unlimited store , as we have store of knowledge in our memory in the fourth dimensional world and this store is the etheric mind , the creator has a store of knowledge and it's too large that it represents another existence above our existence ( space and time ) , so everything before being created was in the existence of the creator's knowledge and creating is moving from the existence of creator knowledge the existence of space and time Traveling within time circle If we find source for water in the desert and small a garden was planted. We see insects, reptiles, appear quickly in this garden although there are no other insects or reptiles from the same kind is resemble to these insects in the surround place. How these creatures moves to this path through. These sands and how did these creatures know this place? The explanation according with this theory. These creatures are being attracted to energy of ideas which comes out from the plants and water or any features of life. That happens when the energy of these creatures passing within time cycle through the multi dimensions worlds, Because everything is an energy of idea moving within time cycle and turning to particles to make materials in the three dimensional world , if any object has charged with a powerful charge of etheric energy which has specific oscillation, that charging makes that object moves within time cycle to go to an exact time or an exact place which has the same oscillation of the etheric charge . this frequency can be determined from any event in the time we have chosen , because every event in time and every place in universe has its own oscillation . The Infinitesimals To solve Zeno's paradoxes. The scientists depended on the principle of the Infinitesimals and disagree in finding definition for. The scientists consider the Infinitesimals as very small things so any number can’t resemble it. so, we can't measure it. We can explain the infinitesimals in the light of this theory: - When the ether( the dark matter) speediness increases the number of circulations( the number of times of the movement of ether from a dimensional world to another) increases also. So, the bigger number in universe increases continuously. The time between circulations decreases and the smallest number decreases until the ether moving stop which will happen when the existence of universe ends. -The unconsciousness mind can see the object image when exceed spaces during very small periods. But the conscious mind can see the subject in separated images as intermittent show. But realizes it as continual show . So, The mathematical solution which considers Infinitesimals as zeros. complies with real world in the consciousness mind perspective. But doesn't comply with real world in the unconsciousness mind perspective. The Golden ratio The speed of dark matter motion between the multi dimensional worlds increases in constant ratio which is 0.61803399 . This means that this constant ratio is the ratio for the ether's renewal. As result, this ratio is also the ratio for energy renewal. This energy includes idea's energy, time energy, and all energies which compose the world. So we see the ratio in everything in the nature and in ideas and events, that occurs clearly in events in the bourse for example. The golden ratio which controls ideas moves from the unconscious mind for artists to their artistic works without consciousness. In case of artists. The connection to the unconscious mind is strong. So the golden ratio moves strongly from unconscious mind to their artistic works. We feel the harmony and beauty in the forms which were formed with the golden ration because it harmonies with the golden ratio which existed in our ideas energy and world’s ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ The way to prove this theory is by building a mathematical model to use computer simulation to predict how the vortexes of dark matter move and interact with each other’s in the 3d an 4d universe and the form of dark matters strings that the vortex emerges and then testing the predictions by proton-proton collision. https://www.facebook.com/Darkmattervortexes/

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Einstein and Newton fall to Frank DiMeglio: The proper and full explanation of F=ma AND E=mc2 Outer "space" involves full inertia, AND it is fully invisible AND black. ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. This is proven by F=ma AND E=mc2. Both equations apply perfectly, clearly, and fundamentally to the sun. The sun AND photons are linked AND balanced, AND the speed of light involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance. ALSO, energy has/involves gravity; AND energy has/involves inertia/inertial resistance. A photon may be placed at the center of the sun, as the diminishment of space is offset by the speed of light. So, ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Great !!! This is proven by F=ma AND E=mc2. Electromagnetic/gravitational force/energy involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance AND gravity/acceleration, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. In other words, gravity/acceleration involves balanced inertia/inertial resistance; as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. This perfectly, clearly, and fundamentally solves and explains both equations. So, electromagnetic/gravitational force/energy is proportional to inertia/inertial resistance (in balance with gravity/acceleration), as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. By Frank DiMeglio real physics

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Posting Org. Endorsed By //\\ Alfonso S. Restivo, Physicist (Physics HPC Specialist, Physics Professor) ; Physics HPC and Education Divisions - Alfonso S. Restivo, Physics Consultancy ; Chicagoland, Illinois, USA ; Phone +1.708.227.8942 , Email AlfonsoSRestivo@aol.com ; #Physicist #Physics .

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Italy?? Interesting ... coincidence with Dan Brown's book. I love science!

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I love the subject. I very happy to say thank you sir for sharing your invitation sir

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Dear James Morgan, Thank you very much for the invitation. I can not assure my attendance, we will keep in touch. Best Regards, Daniel

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This would be an awsome experience, although I am an amateur, I love this subject and understand most of it, but the math involved is beyond my mind now! What's the cost of trip, do you have some idea, rough guess? Send me a message for sure sometime son. My best wishes for your family and you my friend. I'm planning to move to Lebanon Missouri soon!
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