The 42-Minute Challenge

Saturday  23 March  2019  8:00 AM    Saturday  23 March  2019 10:00 AM
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Last update 24/03/2019

This Pakistan Day, get ready for the most exciting event of the season!
Ghoomo Phirro presents, THE 42-MINUTE CHALLENGE.
Cyclists, here is your chance to prove to the world who is the ultimate cycling BEAST. Get on your trusted bicycles and show the world who is boss.
Event details :
Cyclists will partake in a challenge, where they will be expected to complete the race within 42 minutes. The ride will begin from Ghoomo Phirro Model Town, and will culminate at Ghoomo Phirro DHA. The person who arrives first, wins.
There are 4 categories for this challenge:
Category 1. Male
Category 2. Female
Category 3. Seniors: People aged 45 or above.
Too easy? Dont worry! If you're a pro cyclist, we have a special challenge for you!
The 23-minute challenge! Aka Category 4.
Participants of this category are required to finish the same distance in 23 minutes! Whoever finishes first, wins.
All participants are required to select the category they want to compete in. One participant can only participate in one category. So choose wisely.
Registration fee per person: Rs. 200 only
???? THE PRIZE ????
You've come this far. What will be your prize?
A Chance to FLY!
The winner of each category will get to soar 2,000 feet above the ground, on a 20 minute adrenaline packed ride over Lahore! How, you ask? No, not in a plane.
The winners will get a FREE, all expenses paid PARAGLIDING TRIP over Lahore !
It doesn't get any more exciting than this!
So hurry up and register!
Too young to participate?
We have a special category for kids as well! If you don't want to race with the older people, we will hold a kids challenge at Ghoomo Phirro DHA at the end! So kids under 12, bring your cycles along for a chance to win exciting prizes.
To register, call us on 0321 8894025. Send us your Name, Age, the Category you want to compete in; and an advance deposit to ensure your spot in the challenge.
May the best man/woman win!
*Terms and Conditions apply

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