4th International Arab Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine

Tuesday  27 November  2018  8:00 AM    Thursday  29 November  2018 11:00 AM
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Last update 30/11/2018

The 4th International Arab Forensic Science and Forensic Medicine Conference (ASFSFM 2018)
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on November 27th -29th , 2018
Conference Objectives, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS)
Conference Objectives
– ASFSFM 2018 will explore the latest as well as the future developments in various fields of forensic science and forensic medicine, and discuss their application for the purpose of law and justice.
– It aims to keep participants up-to-date with innovative approaches, recent technologies, and new discoveries that will help attendees to be at the forefront of their specialist fields to meet future challenges in the scientific investigation of crime with more precision, excellence, and confidence.
– This conference aims to measure the current state of knowledge and skills in different fields of forensic science, both regionally and internationally, and identify areas that need further development to meet the required academic and professional standards of forensic investigative work.
– ASFSFM 2018 will examine the role of specialist areas of forensic sciences and forensic medicine in fighting crime and actualizing security and justice in all spheres of life, both in the Arab world and beyond.
– This unique gathering of Arab and international forensic scientists will discuss the quality of forensic science practice, education, and research in the Arab world and design new and effective strategies to achieve excellence in different areas of security and justice across the globe.
Main Topics
Forensic Sciences
Forensic Medicine
– Criminalistics
– Human Rights Protection
– Modern technology to combat crime and terrorism
– Criminal Justice
– Computer Forensics
– Child abuse and domestic violence
– Bioterrorism
– Cyber Crimes
– Nuclear security
– Mass disasters and human identification

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