7 Things You Can't Ignore While Choosing Birthday Party Venue Canberra

Thursday  30 August  2018  5:02 PM
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Last update 01/09/2018

When planning to throw your birthday party or that for your loved one you have a lot to plan and decide upon. The choice of birthday party venue is surely one the most important and also the toughest decision. If you search for a birthday party venue in Canberra you have dozens of choices at hand. The highest rated venue need not be the best in your case. There are dozens of variables that you need to keep in mind – guests, date and location being some of them. Here we list out seven important considerations you can ignore which choosing a venue for birthday party in Canberra -

Time – Wait for the last minute and you aren’t likely to find the venue of your choice. In a city as big as Canberra you would share your birthday with dozens of others who are likely to be looking for venue to celebrate this special day. Ideally you need to book a venue a month or two in advance to avoid being left with little choice.

Guest List – Birthday party venues come in all sizes and hence you must always choose one that is roomy enough for the number of people you wish to invite for the event. The venue closest to your home may not be large enough to accommodate your guests or offer them ample space to park their vehicles. If you are confused you can call up the venue managers and ask them for the maximum number of invitees they can comfortably accommodate.

Location – Let’s state a fact – few of us enjoy driving miles to attend a birthday party! If the venue is in the heart of the city your guests would love it. While a number of venues have come up in the city fringes there is nothing like hiring one that doesn’t require your guests to be on the road long attending your event.

Party Plan – Your choice of venue also depends on the plan you have for the event. If you are planning to have a separate play area for the kids or live music at the event you must plan accordingly. Ideally you should visit the venue to ensure it has enough room for the different activities that you have planned for the event.

Amenities – What amenities are available at the venue? For instance if you are looking to host the event at a garden atrium you must find one which fits into your requirements. Here you must understand that every venue has different sets of amenities and your choice should be aligned with the kind of amenities you have in mind to celebrate this special occasion.

Catering – We all know the importance of catering during the event. When it comes to catering you have two choices – hire a caterer in Canberra who doesn’t own the venue or choose a caterer who owns the venue. We don’t need to elaborate on the fact that the second option is always desirable. If you choose a caterer who owns the venue it works to your advantage. Being owners of the venue they can manage the event smoothly and offer you more in terms of customization.  

Decorations – Who will decorate the venue for the event? If the caterers own the venue this is more or less sorted out but in case you choose a venue that isn’t owned by a caterer you should discuss it with the venue managers. Ask about any restrictions they have in terms of decorating the venue to avoid last minute surprises.

When you consider these things you will be able to find the ideal birthday party venue in Canberra. Decide on the menu and make sure you choose the perfect birthday cake and you have all the ingredients for a perfect birthday party that your guests would enjoy.

About Author: David Smith is an event management expert who helps his clients choose birthday party venue in Canberra. He also works closely with caterers in Canberra with his services highly appreciated by the residents.

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