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We have so many beliefs surrounding healing work; some of them fit and others we need to let go and bury. One of the common beliefs is that most therapists are good at their art but not at paperwork, self-promotion, charging a sustainable amount and marketing... so let’s clear all our negative programming on those things so we can bury that belief.
I absolutely know from experience how effective it is to clear our own negative programming in order to become better Kinesiologists. This manual in your hands is a testament to the effectiveness of the methods below.
Let’s jump in, boots and all, and not judge what comes up for healing. It’s important that if something comes up as a stress, you accept that somewhere, somehow IT IS a stress for you.
We tend to be drawn to the energy and atmosphere of passionate people. If YOU love what YOU do, your enthusiasm, positivity, energy and excitement will serve to inspire, attract and engage your customers.
This means that instead of focusing on selling yourself, you will only have to educate your customers about your product or service and your passion will do the rest!
Get organised – so you have time to develop your passion. You need to be focused, passionate, driven, energetic, creative and strategic because you may have several positions to fulfil, such as: sales person, marketer, accountant, administrator, trouble shooter, techie, cleaner, secretary, teacher, counsellor, confidante, and ‘gofer’. Not to mention often parent and spouse/partner as well!
Seek out mentors with relevant experience who will advise and help you achieve your success faster. Regular contact with your mentors will keep you on track. It also provides a great opportunity to brainstorm and share your ideas or challenges.

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