Access Bars Class

Saturday  1 September  2018  1:30 AM    Saturday  1 September  2018 10:00 AM
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Last update 02/09/2018

An invitation to a one day class learning, as well as receiving, a dynamic set of energetic tools and processes that can calm our busy minds, reduce stress, and create way more ease and more space in our lives. Welcome to the Access Bars !

The Bars help to dissolve limiting points of view, old patterns and habitual ways of thinking and feeling. They have assisted a great number of people to deal with high levels of stress and anxiety and depression, and make new choices and create change.

What are you looking to change in your life ? What if everything wasn't quite as fixed and solid as it appears ? What would you choose to create, if you could create anything ? What contribution could these tools be to you ? And what else is possible now....... ? 0

If you would like more information, or would like tor egister for the class, please click on this link:

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