Advanced Design Thinking Certification Masterclass - 29 - 31 July 2019

Monday  29 July  2019  9:00 AM    Wednesday  31 July  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 01/08/2019

Hi, my name is Daniel Ling.

Thank God, I've just had another opportunity to train and coach some of the TOP heads in an MNC. I just did one segment of my course on 7 Values of Business Transformation in Design Thinking. I don’t usually write a long post- but want to share with you an exciting opportunity to learn this awesome problem-solving skill.

I’m the author of Complete Design Thinking Guide for Successful Professionals and I’m part of a growing movement of successful professionals called Design Thinkers- who are transforming organisations with a unique way of problem-solving.

We believe in a simple 5-step Design Thinking Action Plan and mindsets that will help YOU to transform YOUR organisation to solve human problems.

Traditional problem-solving we learned in mainstream education is ill-equipped for the business world dealing with human-centric user problems. YOU become ineffective because YOU cannot create innovative solutions for YOUR organisation as they in turn lose out to more innovative and customer-focused competitors.

WE reformat your Windows 3.1 to Apple iOS 10 to problem-solving- WE make sure YOU become effective for your organisation and impress YOUR boss.

Hundreds of professionals from Singapore government agencies such as Mindef, ICA and NAVY and schools such as Millennia Institute, RP and NUS, top MNCs such as Fuji Xerox, British American Tobacco and DBS have attended my course.

Here's what you'll discover:

Secret #1 - How to Fully HANDS-ON Understand the 5 Step Design Thinking Action Plan Without Academic Jargons

Secret #2 - How to BE A PRO with simple Design Thinking Activities and Templates (Even if You are Neither Creative nor Innovative)

Secret #3 - How to DEBUNK Design Thinking from Waterfall, 6 Sigma or Agile Without Throwing Away What You Already Know!

Program objectives:

* Understand key characteristics of Design Thinking

* 5 Action Phases of Design Thinking – Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test 

* Empathize- Understand your customers / users

* Define- Define clear project / business objectives

* Ideate- Explore ideas and solutions

* Prototype- Build and visualise ideas

* Test- Review and decide best idea

Visit and enquire with us Design Thinking Certification Course

Course Details:!design-thinking-certification-course/cgok

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