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A & I Physio – Clinical Pilates

Tue 8 December 2020
7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

What is Pilates? Clinical Pilates improves core stability, general body conditioning, body imbalances, posture, strength, flexibility and breathing. The movement sequences require cooperation between the mind and body to create correct control and muscle activation. Clinical Pilates is not used as a generalised tool, but is developed and altered according to the individual patient and their specific needs. Before going into a Clinical Pilates Class, you will need to have a one on one assessment with a physio in the clinic. This will be a cost of $60.00, which can also be claimed on Private Health. During this assessment, they will put you on to a Real-time Ultrasound machine and assess your abilities, and teach you to correctly engage your core muscles. On arriving to each Pilates class, please arrive at the clinic five to ten minutes before your class is due to start to pay for the class session or have it marked off on your pass. What to bring to your Clinical Pilates class: • Towel • Water Bottle • Socks (Can be purchased from A & I Physio) To book in for your initial assessment, please call A&I Physio Rehab Clinic on 4727 1400. Description Cost 1 Session of Clinical Pilates per person $20.00 5 Class Clinical Pilates Pass $95.00 10 Class Clinical Pilates Pass $180.00
09/12/2020 Last update
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fulham road 51
a & i clinical pilates studio, qld, 4812, qld, australia

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