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The Online Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution 2020

From Mon 24 August 2020 to Sun 30 August 2020
11:45 AM - 11:59 PM

Virtual event

Join us ONLINE ON AUGUST 24-30, 2020, for a powerful highly interactive 7-day program with some of the greatest speakers alive, featuring GREGG BRADEN, BRUCE LIPTON, NASSIM HARAMEIN, DAVID HAMILTON, DR. PILLAI, ULRIKE GRANÖGGER, DR. CARLO VENTURA, JJ & DESIREE HURTAK, and many more!WEB > []  This year the annual CONFERENCE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMAN EVOLUTION has also become an online event making a series of groundbreaking talks available in your home during these unique times.  The conference brings together a special group of scientists, best-selling authors, humanitarians, philosophers and mystics to take you on a journey over the 7 days from the latest science that is shaping the future to the mysteries of the human soul and higher states of awareness!  This immersive program is designed to give you PRACTICAL TOOLS TO DEVELOP YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS helping you to integrate wellness practices into your daily reality. Don’t miss this year's CONFERENCE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS AND HUMAN EVOLUTION this coming August 2020.  THE ONLINE PROGRAM INCLUDES: * Over 30 hours of exclusive content  * 7 days of talks from some of the luminaries of our time * Join the conversation in special Q&A’s and other interactive online spaces * Post-conference workshops; go deeper and connect with specific speakers * 21-day challenges to integrate the practices you will have learnt into your daily life * Connect with likeminded people from around the planet to embody the change collectively Be the change this August! _Limited Early Bird tickets available now._ WEB > [] 
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31/08/2020 Last update
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  2. The Online Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution 2020