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Science and Spirituality with Rupert Sheldrake

From Sat 10 October 2020 to Sat 24 October 2020
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Virtual event

DURING THIS TWO-PART COURSE, RUPERT SHELDRAKE WILL EXPLAIN HOW OUR MINDS EXTEND FAR BEYOND OUR BRAINS. OUR MINDS CONNECT US WITH OUR ENVIRONMENTS AND WITH EACH OTHER, AND ALSO EXTEND THROUGHOUT OUR BODIES. SIGN UP NOW > [] INTERESTED IN SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY? Discover the Science behind the Extended Power of Our Mind through the New Course by RUPERT SHELDRAKE! Here are the benefits you will get from joining us on this amazing journey: • Understanding how the mind affects what he observes and how he extends far beyond the brain, demonstrating it from his research and experiments with TELEPATHY. • Learning and embodying the effects of seven spiritual practices: meditation, gratitude, connection with nature, relationship with plants, rituals, chants and pilgrimage to sacred places. • Discussing why people with regular spiritual practices are happier and healthier than those without, and their scientifically measurable effects. • Accessing to the Q&A session based on the two previous talks, where you will have the opportunity to interact with Rupert and to discuss the topic with other students. Don't miss out on your chance to be part of this special event! SIGN UP NOW > [] Every time we look at something, we project out the images of what we are seeing. Our minds touch what we are looking at. This underlies the well-known sense of being stared at, through which we can pick up when we are being watched, or others can feel our gaze. This phenomenon is not confined to humans as non-human animals also have extended minds and many are sensitive to being watched. This ability probably evolved in the context of predator-prey relationships. Rupert Sheldrake will talk about his research on telepathy in dogs, cats and other animals and in particular the ability of dogs to know when their owners are coming home. In the human realm, telepathy happens most commonly in connection with telephone calls and Sheldrake’s experiments on telephone telepathy show that this effect goes far beyond coincidence. Our extended minds underlie psychic phenomena which are as it were horizontal, connecting us to the world around us and to each other. But they are also open to larger and more inclusive forms of consciousness, as in altered states of consciousness. We can also open ourselves to the spiritual realm through a range of practices including gratitude, meditation, singing and chanting and pilgrimage. All these practices have scientifically measurable effects, and in general, people with regular spiritual practices are happier and healthier than those without. Rupert Sheldrake will discuss how these practices are primarily about the experience rather than beliefs, and work both for religious and for non-religious people. He will also show how we can incorporate these practices into our own lives. SIGN UP NOW > []
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