Applying `Portfolio Management Methodologies` to your own Investments

Friday  19 July  2019  6:30 PM    Friday  19 July  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 20/07/2019

Being in the stocks brokering industry for about a decade. I have seen different client, from speculative trader to long term investor, trying to profit from the market. Generally speaking, investors will have better odds over traders as time is on their side but time alone is not enough. Many clients misunderstood the concept of "Buy and Hold" and given the "Concentration Risk" inherent in a pure-stock portfolio, one wrong selection could cripple the entire portfolio.

During the seminar, I will touch on the importance of proper asset allocation when building an investment portfolio. I will share how one can use a combination of traditional instruments like Stocks, Reits, ETFs, Business Trust or Unit Trust, and apply market-tested, time-proven methodologies to reduce the riskiness of their investment portfolio, without compromising too much on the potential return.

 Speaker Profile

Lieu Teck Hua is currently a Wealth Manager with Phillip Securities and an Estate Planner with Rockwills. He made a career switch during the Global Financial Crisis to joined Phillip as a Remisier under Licensed Professional Trader Scheme. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Finance with Merit and was awarded University Recognition Scholarship to pursue CFA. In 2014, he became the first batch of representatives to obtain dual license from MAS to practice Financial Advisory. Thereafter, he further his study and became a qualified Chartered Financial Consultant and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner. With his knowledge and experience, Teck Hua had helped numerous clients by providing them with honest, independent and competent financial advice.

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