Wednesday 23 April 2014 7:00 PM
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∞ Astro Club ∞ - Vol.1

23/Apr/2014 @ Cowley Club. Open 7 pm - 11 pm Minimum donation £4

・Merlin Tonto
・Stevie ( from Melbourne ) with E-Da

Vegan Japanese food by Muu

Astro massage (Shiatu) by Shoichi


Astro-universe. We never know how massive this astro is.

In this huge space ,we are living on a tiny planet called "The Earth".

Astro-Galaxy-The Earth-U.K.-Brighton-Cowly club

We are tiny minority from Japan living here in Brighton by chance,by accident? or ,,,,,seeking cold,wet and horrible weather!

The other day we found the trigger to make small Astro which is this gathering opportunity.
Come along!

"Passion" "Relax" "Explosion"

We wish you to find your own Astro!!! with music, vegan Japanese food, and massage.

Fukushima charity Gathering.

food vegetarian