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Wednesday  14 August  2019  6:00 PM    Wednesday  14 August  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 15/08/2019

An Evolution in Business Networking

Running a business can sometimes feel like navigating your way through a maze. The majority of challenges and obstacles that many businesses face, are the same for every single business, no matter what industry. So, what better way to navigate the difficult challenges in your own business, than through sharing in the collective experience and knowledge of others.

The Business Collective is a forum for business owners and business leaders to come together with other like-minded individuals and work on their own business. It is a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting that is designed to sharpen business skills and help you achieve your goals. The emphasis is not on driving business referrals. It’s about sharing knowledge,experience and making valuable business connections.

The Business Collective meets one evening per month to develop and review business goals, brainstorm ideas and support one another in their business journeys.

Meeting Format:

  • 60 second business introductions.
  • Each member talks about their current business goals, progress and challenges.
  • Open discussion on business issues or challenges for group feedback.
  • Goal setting and action plans focuses for the next month.
  • Everyone leaves with a ”To Do List” of positive actions to tackle their goals.

Not sure if The Business Collective is right for you? Then why come along to our next meeting at 6pm on Wednesday 14th August to see for yourself if the power of the Collective could work for you and your business.

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BlockWorks Shared Work Space
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