Sales & Marketing - Getting Sales without Selling

Friday  19 July  2019  1:30 PM    Friday  19 July  2019 5:30 PM
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Last update 20/07/2019

Sales has changed dramatically over the last 5 years with the high usage of social media. Now, the best sales tips are more about branding. Essentially what you’re doing in sales is "teeing up" buying opportunities for your audience.

Many small business owners would have experienced “I post my products on Facebook, but no one seems to care.”. People don’t care because we haven’t given them a reason to care. And we all would had the experience of a pushy salesman. It leaves a bad taste in our mouth. We end up sort of resenting the person doing the selling.

So how do we "Sell without Selling"?

In this workshop, we will share some of the ways we can sell without selling.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the new Buyer's Journey;

  2. Build Trust and Crediability through Branding;

  3. Funnel your target audience to a decision.

This workshop is suitable for: 

  1. Aspiring Entrepreneuers

  2. Small Business Owners

  3. Freelance Self-employed Professionals

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Co-V Coworking
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