Chelem Christmas Dreams Annual Rummage Sale!

Wednesday  8 November  2017  8:00 AM    Wednesday  8 November  2017 1:00 PM
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Last update 09/11/2017

You've only got one more month to clean out your closets! This event is greatly anticipated by the locals as an opportunity to get quality items at a price they can afford. Our local men are always looking for tools or fishing supplies, so if you have some gathering rust, we'd love to have them. Nice children's clothes are also highly prized. We know most of us are past the childbearing age, but if you're headed down here in the next month and can fit a few clothes in your bag-they make great padding-see if you can get your grandkids to clean out their closets or hit the garage sales. Please, no books, they just don't sell. We are happy to pick up items and transport them if it is worth the trip! Please contact us here if you would like to drop something off and we will pm you with the location. Thank you!