CIBSE Auckland | IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations

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CIBSE Auckland | IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations
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Tue 17 September 2019
Tuesday 17 September 2019
12:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Are you up to speed with the Internet of Things? IoT is changing how users and operators expect to interact with buildings and spaces at an exponential rate, open communications and standard protocols are creating new opportunities to add value to building assets.
This event is your ticket to harnessing the Internet of Things for better building operation. It will help you navigate the magnitude of available data to maximise a building's potential and deliver a balance between occupant comfort and operational efficiency. Going beyond the building, this seminar will share examples of how IoT is delivering smart precincts, smart transport integration, human centric design and more. Find out what the future holds for the building services industry.
As you would expect from an organisation that represents the very best building services professionals in over 100 countries, CIBSE has pulled together a first-class team of presenters to help you to navigate the issues around assessment and integration.





James Gore, Mechanical Engineer, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 

 Having won the CIBSE ANZ YEN speaking competition, James will present on the expectation future users will have on their buildings.


We are living in an increasingly connected world, with smart devices, advanced voice recognition, the Internet of Things… For the modern generation, human-machine interactions are a significant part of people’s lives, and are rapidly becoming more and more seamless. What will the living space of tomorrow look like? How will this affect consumer expectations for smarter spaces?





Tim Spies, Global Mechanical Leader and Client Director, AURECON

With the rise of population, urbanization and social expectation around climate change and its impacts, the importance of the places where we live and work are becoming more important than ever. Intelligent neighbourhoods will be key to this!

This talk will draw on case studies locally and abroad and will explore how both technology and design are being applied to create precincts of the future.



Nathan Rosaguti, Sustainability Engineer, MIRVAC


Smart building infrastructure is evolving rapidly. Mirvac have applied the lessons learnt from the EY Centre, 200 George Street to their latest development at the Australian Technology Park. Mirvac will discuss their learnings across network architectures, contractor structures, cyber security, data integration and use cases supporting the convergence of Information and Operational Technology.






Samara McCaw, Associate - Systems Engineering, BECA


Virtual and augmented reality has long been considered a disruptive technology across industry and consumer markets, always on the verge of changing the way we live, work and play. Although maturing rapidly, the use of VR and AR sparks excitement, perhaps simply because the thought of it is just so cool.


Samara will lead you through a quick exploration into VR and AR in the building industry and how this tech can benefit every aspect. During design and construction, through to maintenance and operations including H&S Beca is utilising this tech internally and developing applications for clients across a variety of sectors. VR and AR is now a reality and will no doubt make our buildings even smarter.





Jon Clarke, Head of Smart Building Technology Delivery, DEXUS

 The new breed of technology resident in today’s buildings offer a wealth of information (data) to be harnessed and analysed in order to optimise the sweet spot between energy efficiency and occupant comfort. But what data is needed to maximise the potential of a building? How often should the data be collected, where does all the data get stored, and how to avoid data saturation are all common questions that get raised when embarking on an analytics project.



Theo Ferreira, Connected Services Deployment Leader, HONEYWELL


The rapid expansion of IoT technologies and uptake of data analytics has been a key theme within the industry for some years now. This trend, however, is different to other technological developments/improvements: to achieve sustained impact and create ongoing value, it is vital that IoT and data analytics technologies are not just seen as black boxes that enhance efficiency.



 Honeywell will present some of the lessons learnt while pivoting to an IoT and data analytics approach within our portfolio. The discussion will be rounded out through some real-life use cases that show the hands-on responses to the question of how to create sustained value from the digitalisation of the built environment.






Vaughan Robertson, Technical Fellow - Emerging Technologies, BECA


In today’s world we are continually assailed with increasingly rapid changes in technology. It is hard to keep appraised of what is relevant, a passing fad, fake or truly disruptive.


Vaughan is Beca’s “Designated Futurist” and monitors a range of technology trends; their maturity and relevance to identify opportunities and threats for the business and its customers. He will showcase areas of significant interest and provide real-life examples of emerging technologies that are impacting our work and personal lives.


He will comment on some of the more popular current trends, their levels of maturity and relevance to project management and contemporary Projects.







Sustainable buildings are the future...but are they secure?
Ray Frangie, Senior Cyber Security Consultant, NORMAN DISNEY & YOUNG


  Sustainable Buildings expand and complement the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort; however, there is nothing at present that states a building must be secure from cyber threats. With an estimated one trillion IoT Devices connected and online by 2035, the cyber threat landscape will be a "hackers paradise" if we do not start prioritising cyber security in every stage of a building's life-cycle. Buildings are already under attack using building infrastructure as their attack vector. 



This session will cover the basics in securely designing a building's computing infrastructure, its relative IoT devices, and how to become more proactive rather than reactive to the ever-expanding cyber threat landscape.







Continued Professional Development

In recognition of the importance of this event, CIBSE is offering 4 CPD points for attending.


12:30pm Registration

1:00pm - 3:05pm Session 1

3:35pm - 5:30pm Session 2

5:30pm - 6:00pm Networking Drinks


Additional Seminars will be held at the following locations:
Tuesday 3 September  – Perth, WA
Tuesday 10 September – Sydney, NSW
Thursday 12 September – Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 19 September – Brisbane, QLD

Visit the CIBSE website for abstracts and speaker credentials for the 2019 Seminar Series


This event is made possible with the support of our event partner:


ARBS is Australia’s only international trade exhibition for the HVAC & R and Building Services industries. Hosting over 300 exhibitors and in excess of 8,000 visitors ARBS 2020 will provide unrivalled access to everything HVAC & R in the southern hemisphere.


Discover all the major national, international and multi-national exhibitors who will display their very latest products and services. Consolidate your supplier contacts, network with industry colleagues and keep up with all the latest news, views and events.


 Corporate Supporters:



Corporate Partners understand the value of this programme and support the series by sponsoring attendance for their staff and clients.

In recognition of its importance, IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations is supported by a number of kindred organisations including AIRAH, CIOB, FMA, GBCA, HCAA, IHEA, LFNZ, NFIA, NZGBC and RICS. Members of these organisations may register at CIBSE member rates.


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