The Cold Connection

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The Cold Connection
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Sun 1 March 2020
Sunday 1 March 2020
2:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Move - Breathe - Freeze
Come and join us for 3 hours of connecting deeper with yourself in a fun and friendly environment.
Connecting with your body and those around you through a Mindful Movement Practice. Starting off with a body scan, checking in with all aspects of your body & emotional being. We will then move into opening up your restrictions through activation & mobility exercises before coming together for fun & interactive games to challenge your balance, coordination and body awareness.
The breathwork that we use is an embodiment breathwork allowing you to get out of your head and journey back into your body. As we deep belly breath our attention no longer resides in our head where limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns may linger. We may consciously create this waves of oxygen that floods every cell of our body, creating this charge within ourselves that almost feels like a inner fire building.
We will then enter the breath hold area holding this charge within our bodies and allowing this to move to areas in our body that may need healing.
During this hold our bodies drop into the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) allowing our bodies to adapt to the uncomfortable. so that when we venture into the ice we come from a place of calmness and not shock.
We will then be going three rounds of this breathwork practice before journeying in the ice.
The ice is a way of breaking through any limiting beliefs that you may have about yourself and allow you to stand in your power.
The only way to survive in this cold is to connect deeper with yourself, your breath. To surrender & just be. Once you let yourself go... you will break free and enjoy the exhilaration and belief in your own potential.
What you will Experience:
~ Connecting deep with your body
~ Connecting with those around you
~ Connecting with your breath
~ Connecting with your internal fire
~ You will learn how to complete an internal body scan
~ You will experience a new way of movement to open & activate your body
~ You will learn the importance of breath
~ You will learn different breathing techniques to aid with relaxation & stress reduction as well as how to boost your energy
~ You will break through your comfort zones and expose yourself to the healing power of ice immersion
By coming together as a collective to move, breathe & freeze we will learn how to connect deeper with out internal strength and power so come forth and lets do this together
Meet Your Facilitators
Rickie Russell
I have been journeying with the breath for over 2 years now finding, many different modalities from Shamanic breathing (deep emotional healing), Wim Hoff Method (iceman), Marcel Hoff Method (longer breathing), Tantra (life force energy breathing), Soma (movement breath). All of these breathwork practices have helped me to heal and release negative aspects of myself such as anxiety and depression. Building up my confidence and allowing me to find who I am truly here to be. I owe a lot to these healing modalities and this is why my passion for this practice is so strong as i believe this is a way back to who we truly are.
Fin McKenna-Fox
I am a Movement & Lifestyle Coach and my passion is helping others create change within themselves by connecting deeper with themselves, and with mother nature.
I guide others to tune into their bodies through breathwork, movement and opening up their awareness.
Once we learn to listen, we can start to gain more control and only then true healing can begin.
There is very limited tickets available for this event so get in quick. (*Aspire Unlimited members can receive a discounted price while tickets last)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself Fin or Ricky

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