Commander League

Monday  15 April  2019  6:00 PM    Monday  15 April  2019 11:59 PM
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Last update 16/04/2019

Recurring event

Commander League
From 08 Apr 2019 to 29 Apr 2019
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Commander League will start Monday April 8th at 6pm.
Meeting days will be:
Monday April 8th 6:00 PM
Monday April 15th 6:00 PM
Monday April 22nd 6:00 PM
Monday April 29th 6:00 PM
Entry: $10 pays for all four weeks
Prize: Points earned will be used as store credit. 1 point = $1
each Achievement can be earned once each game.
+/2/1/0/0 Points for Placing 1st/2nd/3rd/4th
+3 Destroy or Exile an opponent's Sensei’s Divining Top
+2 Eliminate an opponent while you have less than 5 life
+2 Eliminate an opponent with a spell or permanent you do not own
+1 First blood (combat damage).
+1 if you save another player during a game (from losing the game).
+1 Killing a player with Commander damage. (21 Points from your commander)
+1 Level up a creature to max level
-3 Starting any loop (IE Infinite Combo)
-2 Destroying/Exileing all lands
-1 Killing everyone in the same turn.
-1 Not casting your Commander.
-1 Kill a player with infect
-1 Taking more than 2 turns in a row
There will be hidden achievements that will be given out at random at the beginning of each game. i will go into more detail for this when you sign up, but in short there will be a hidden achievement you can accomplish in game and as soon as you accomplish it you will earn a pack.
All Games will ideally be played in pods of four but from time to time we will have to do pods of 3-5.

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New Cut Road, Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America