Covert Executive Protection (Poland)

Covert Executive Protection (Poland)
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From Mon 28 October 2019 to Fri 1 November 2019
From Monday 28 October 2019 to Friday 1 November 2019
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This exceptional five-day program, hosted by the European Security Academy and instructed by AS Solution experts, teaches attendees how to reclaim the tactical advantage by conducting truly covert protective operations. The aim of this program is to develop the skills required to provide effective close protection for corporate and government VIPs, while operating completely covertly. This is an intense course which even seasoned executive protection agents will find challenging. The course combines classroom lectures, interactive exercises, and daily field simulations to provide participants with real-world, operationally applicable skills. The course enables agents to take all the protection skills they’ve already acquired and apply them in a subtle, covert, and tactically advantageous manner.
The traditional mode of executive protection requires agents to respond to emergent threats as they occur. This reactionary approach allows adversaries a distinct advantage— the choice of where, when, what, and how they will conduct their hostile acts. They have the element of surprise. We find that unacceptable. In order to identify and counter a sophisticated adversary as early as possible, skilled protectors must fully appreciate and understand how the adversary behaves, collects information and operates. The covert techniques and methodologies delivered in this course enable EP/PS agents to effectively “come out of the woodwork” and surprise hostile elements— thereby reclaiming the tactical advantage.
An added (but by no means unimportant) benefit of covert protection is the freedom it offers our principals. Most clients don’t want to “feel” or see EP agents— until the moment when it’s absolutely necessary. Covert protection offers principals a high degree of personal freedom and normalcy— while fundamentally enhancing the effectiveness of the security program.
This course is taught by specialist AS Solution instructors with decades of operational covert protection experience, delivering real-world examples and simulations which make this training intense, exciting, and challenging. Participants who complete this program satisfactorily will be prepared to powerfully reinforce protective operations utilizing covert tactics and methodologies.
Who should attend:
This course is specifically designed for protection professionals working with corporate and government VIPs. Applicants with experience in executive protection, the military, law enforcement, government agencies, and other related fields will all benefit from this program. AS Solution champions diversity in the EP industry and encourages qualified candidates of all backgrounds to apply.
Learning goals:
Participants will have the opportunity to acquire and/or further develop specialized skillsets for covert protection of principals within dynamic environments.
Topics of instruction include:
- Protective concepts
- Covert EP concepts
- Identifying surveillance vulnerabilities
- How to conduct surveillance (Static)
- How to conduct surveillance (Pedestrian)
- Hostile surveillance awareness
- Reporting and communication
- Adapting and blending into surroundings
- Suspicious indicators and recognition
- Pre-attack indicators and field threat assessments
- Planning a PS assignment
- Hostile actions and protective reactions
- Body language
- Field exercises in varied and diverse environments
- Classroom instruction
- Interactive exercises
- Field training simulations
- Discussion and critiques
AS Solution is dedicated to the improvement and professionalization of the executive protection industry. Due to the challenging nature of this program, participants should have prior executive protection training and at least one year of operational experience.
€1,600 EUR
Tuition includes accommodation and meals.
Additional information:
Contact the AS Solution Global Training Academy at TRAINING@ASSOLUTION.COM

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Autostrada Wolności, łódzkie, łódzkie, RP

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Autostrada Wolności, łódzkie, łódzkie, RP
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