Product Management Crash Course

Product Management Crash Course
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Thu 27 June 2019
Thursday 27 June 2019
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Product Management Fundamentals Full-Day Workshop
The Product Management Fundamentals crash course is a joint programme by Productized and the IE Exponential Learning from IE in Madrid. It’s designed to help you get into the Product Management profession. Or for founders who are still wearing the product lead hat and want to improve their process.
This course by Daniel Zacarias, a leading product expert, will help you set up an efficient process to get your product out the door. And help you understand the role of the Product Manager and the common problems he faces.
This is the key to get you focused on what matters: figuring out how to make your product more valuable. In this crash course, you will learn to manage a product roadmap and how to think about and balance competing priorities. Thinking about cross-functional processes, while working creating alignment with other teams. Working with the engineers and designers for better specs, in less time. Implementing a communication strategy dealing with stakeholders, constant interruptions, and endless meetings.
This Course is a combination of lectures on best practices, exercises, and group discussions. The goal is to give you tools that help you:
- Organize your roadmap and backlog
- Collaborate and create alignment with stakeholders
- Communicate your goals and progress with the rest of the company
- Joint IE XL & Productized certification
- This workshop is ideal, but not exclusively for:
- Product Managers who are struggling to get out of the day-to-day firefighting, or are new to the job.
- Founders who are still wearing the product lead hat and want to improve their process.
- Professionals wanting to get a job as a Product Manager.
09:00 - Check-in and breakfast
09:30 - Introductions
09:45 - Role of the PM and common problems
10:00 - Agenda for the day/team set up
10:45 - Coffee break (30 mins)
11:15 - Creating a clear and compelling view of the product’s mission, vision, value proposition and goals
12:00 - Roadmap and Backlog / How to think about and balance competing priorities
13:00 - Catered lunch (60 mins)
14:00 - Cross-functional processes / Working with Sales, Support, Marketing, and Execs to create alignment
15:00 - Cross-functional processes / Working with Engineering and Design for better specs, in less time
16:00 - Coffee break (15 mins)
16:15 - Communication / Implementing a communication strategy to keep everyone in the loop, with less (and better) meetings
17:30 - Q&A and lessons learned.
19:00 - Productized Talks @IE XL (with Geoblink VP of Product)
Daniel Zacarias is a Senior Product Management consultant based in Lisbon. He's helped multiple teams, ranging from 2 to over 25 to create or improve their product strategies. With over 10 years of experience. He’s worked in Engineering, Product Management, Education and Social media industries. He has also invested his efforts into the Productized community, as a mentor and curator for product managers. Find out more about Daniel on his blog Folding Burritos.
"Very helpful and organized."
- Márcio, Product Manager
"The workshop was very interesting and organized very well. I loved watching the interviews being done."
- Eli, Marketing
"A good "hands-on" approach with real interviews"
- Nelson, Innovation Manager
"Overall I liked the way both of you presented and I think it was very well structured" A good Balance between good Examples/ Practice + Theory."
- Petar, Designer
The course will be held in English.
The course It is limited to 25 participants
A minimum of 15 participants is required to make the masterclass viable. If there are less than 15 participants, all tickets sold will be refunded.
A light catering lunch is included in the price so that the group lunch can become a connection and network moment
IE Exponential Learning’s mission is to provide tools to professionals with a lifelong learning mindset who seek growth at every stage of their careers. Our educational experiences are tailored to the needs of self-motivated individuals as they build the skills necessary to adapt to, and thrive in, an ever-evolving global landscape. This unit, which is part of IE University designs its courses with the resources and faculty support of all five schools of the IE ecosystem.
Productized Academy's mission is to make your product come to life through extensive training, mentors, lab facilities and a network within the industry. Productized Conference on the question "how to make amazing products?" an event where participants are stimulated to discover better products with world-class practitioners and speakers.

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IE Madrid Campus V-Garden
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