Cube of Truth: Aarhus, September 22nd

Friday  22 September  2017  3:00 PM    Friday  22 September  2017 6:00 PM
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Last update 23/09/2017

If you are interested in volunteering, join the following group:

Direct action street outreach and demonstration. We bring the information to the people in an attempt to break down unawareness and show the cruelty inherent in meat, dairy and egg production. All footage shows standard practice for animal-based food production in Denmark.

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop or tablet if you have one and ensure it is fully charged. If you do not, please come along anyway; masks and signs will be provided on the day. Please wear black clothing upper clothing that is appropriate for the weather.

IMPORTANT: Download VLC Player to your laptop or tablet.

IMPORTANT: Download the following clips to your laptop or tablet from the link below as there will be no internet connection on site.

food volunteerism