Cyprus Clarinet Festival 2017

Wednesday  14 June  2017  10:00 AM    Monday  19 June  2017 11:00 PM
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Last update 20/06/2017

Cyprus Clarinet Festival 2017 will take place on June 14 - 19 at the beautiful Municipality of Agia Napa. The festival will host performances, masterclasses, workshops, clarinet choir and clarinet exhibitions and it is open for clarinetists of all levels and ages.

All concerts will take place at the 'Thalassa Museum' and are open to public. Please see all relevant details below regarding the festivals activities


Guest Artists for 2017:
Radovan Cavallin (Spain / Croatia)
Nuno Pinto (Portugal)
Hedwig Swimberghe (Belgium)
Angelos Angelides (Cyprus)
George Georgiou (Cyprus)


Cyprus Clarinet Festival 2017 presents a complete guide for clarinetist of all levels and abilities. It will feature:

a. Sessions / Masterclasses for beginners
b. Sessions / Masterclasses for intermediate students
c. Sessions / Masterclasses for Advanced players
d. Teaching Sessions for teachers (how to effectively teach clarinet)
e. Reed Workshops
f. Stress Management workshop
g. Clarinet Maintenance and Clarinet First Aid workshop
h. Instruments and Accessories exhibitions
i. Clarinet Choir
j. Internal Clarinet Competition (Only for people that are registered in the course)

dates: 14 - 19 June
course fee: 150 euro
hostel accomodation: 150 euro (full board) - rooms of 5 people
attendance per day: €30

A qualified chaperone/group leader for minors will be on site for the whole duration of the festival.

Final Schedule will be announced shortly.


For Further Information and Application form please email:

The festival is organised by the Tune Up Orchestra and the CultureTones organisation.

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