Dharma Bodhi Trika Mahasiddha

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Dharma Bodhi Trika Mahasiddha
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From Thu 26 March 2020 to Wed 20 May 2020
From Thursday 26 March 2020 to Wednesday 20 May 2020
5:03 AM - 11:59 PM

What is Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga?
Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga is a system of spiritual cultivation that follows the “Way of the Mahāsiddhas.”
Mahāsiddhas were women and men trained in one of the four non-dual systems of meditation and body practices (yogas) with origins in Central Asia non-dual Tantra of Kashmir (NDT), Tibetan Bön, Tibetan Buddhism and Chinese Zheng Yi Daoism.
The Mahāsiddhas demonstrated their complete union with the greater universe by resolving their physical individuality into their original nature. These immensely compassionate masters left behind a technology that enables anyone with a pure heart and burning commitment to reveal their highest human potential.
The practices, oral teachings and oral explanations of texts from these four non-dual systems of meditation and body/energy practice form the Oral Practice Tradition (OPT). The OPT does not rely on sacred texts, but rather places major emphasis on mastering the practices, oral teachings and the integration of these two in normal life. The integrity of this system is maintained over the millennia through an unbroken succession of masters who have attained realization.
The foundation and intermediate levels of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga are the OPT’s extracted synthesis of the meditations and yogas commonly found in the Krama, Kaula, Trika and Sri Vidya and other sects of Sakta Saiva Dharma. Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga utilizes a 12-Stage approach to bring a student from ignorance to full enlightenment.
Free Satsang:
Wednesday 20th May
oundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga
Thursday 21st May - Sunday 24th May 2020
7am - 8:30am Kundalini Hatha Yoga (optional)
9:30am - 5pm Teachings & Practice
Cost for Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga:
Price $1900AUD
Yogas on Dream, Sleep & Death
27th May - 30th May 2020
6:30pm: 9:30pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Cost for Dream, Sleep and Death Yoga:
Price $640AUD
Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga + Yogas on Dream, Sleep & Death
Price $2220 AUD
Astrology Session
Personal Mahākala Astrology Session (Optional) $100 if registered for Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga
$150 if not registered for Foundations of Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga
For those that book an astrology session, please note that you will meet with Dharma on-line prior to the training. This will bring to light the most critical areas of the three types of karma that create obstacles to your realization (your personal samsara). You’ll also learn about your inborn strengths. Taken together, you’ll use this information to tailor a unique approach to practice and your overall path in Trika Mahāsiddha Yoga.
To set up an appointment please contact Sukhalaya here: trikapath@gmail.com
There will be strictly limited sessions available on Tuesday 26th May for last minute bookings.

Given that Dharma Bodhi is an international teacher, this training will only go ahead if we receive a minimum amount of bookings and will close on the 15th March 2020. Please book in as soon as you are able to in order for us to confirm numbers. We are posting well in advance to give those who want to attend enough time to make relevant financial arrangements.

Please read the refund policy carefully as we will be strictly adhering to these conditions. Bookings to confirm training closes on Sunday March 15th 2020. Bookings by this date will determine whether this training goes ahead. If we do not receive the minimum amount of bookings by this date and the training does not proceed, full refunds will be issued for those who have booked by March 15th 2020. If the training proceeds and you decide to cancel before and including the 1st April 2020, you will receive a full refund less the transaction fee an additional $100USD for processing and handling. A 50% refund will be issued for any cancellations up to and including 30th April 2020, less the transaction fee and also an additional $100USD for processing and handling. Any cancellations including and after the 1st of May 2020 are non-refundable. Bookings are non-transferable.
Venue Location:
Prana House: Level 1/885 High St, Thornbury Melbourne
Overview of Foundations of Trika Mahasiddha Yoga Training
1) Kundalini Hatha Yoga Practice
Each morning you’ll be guided in the practice of Kundalini Hatha Yoga, followed by a discussion on the key principles that distinguish traditional spiritual yoga of the Mahāsiddhas from commercial posture-based yoga. You will learn how the yoga of the Mahāsiddhas directly supports each of the 6 practice paths.
2) 12 Stage View Cycle of Teachings
Contrary to popular belief stable realization of one’s True Nature doesn’t occur in one momentary flash of “awakening”. The spiritual path has clearly defined stages everyone must traverse before attaining a sustainable state of realization. The 12 Stages cover the entire journey from ignorance of our True Nature to the ultimate potential inherent in all human beings - that of the Rainbow-Light-Body. This teaching is fundamental in understanding your current stage of development, what’s next on the path, and how to get there.
3)The Practices & Teachings on Present, Presence & Real Time
“Just be present” is the usual advice given in spiritual workshops, books, and video classes. Though good advice, dissolving your concept-mind involves much more than hearing a nice idea. What are the varying degrees of present moment awareness? What is the relationship between intellect-mind, awareness-mind and enlightened-mind? How do you work with them? How are Presence and Flowing-Presence different than merely being “present”? How can you remain unbreakably connected to your “Heart-Mind” under all circumstances? You will be led through this process of discovery and mastery of awareness using specific practices and teachings unique to this system.
4)Practitioner Typing
You are unique. A lot of time can be wasted on fruitless practices. The Mahāsiddha path recognizes this and teaches you how to customize the practices and sequencing on the path to enable you to attain the highest possible fruit in one lifetime. Unique typing technologies and teachings on the various practitioner types will help you discover the type of practitioner you were born to be and to take the path that best suits you.
5) Oral Teachings on the Ahankara
The Ahankara (“self-image maker”) is a mechanism that you can learn to use as the vehicle to attain the ultimate fruit of the path. It will be your greatest ally when you understand its nature in the context of your kundalini’s journey home. Simultaneously, it can be a slippery force that can hijack your spiritual progress at any unconscious moment during the beginning and middle stages of the path. Learn to “turn the light” as it’s called, and transform your self-image maker from binder to liberator with these pith oral teachings, blessed with the wisdom of the lineage masters.
What are the Yogas on Dream, Sleep & Death?

Dream and Sleep Yogas are a rarely taught category of teachings and practices. This cycle of teachings explains the relationship between the states of dream, sleep, waking and full enlightenment.
It is often said in the non-dual meditation and yoga traditions that in order for you to attain irreversible realization you must be fully realized in the dream and sleep states as well as in the waking state. This means to have completely pierced the limitations of the mind of the dreaming and sleeping states, and thereby abide in your true nature.
Applying the practices of dream and sleep yoga feeds your formal seated practice and your state of integration.
Program includes:
-Dream Yoga Mantra Initiation
- Step-by-step instruction in the Outer & Inner practices of:
-Dream Yoga- Sleep Yoga of Clear Light
- Text references to the practices and their desired results.
- Clarifying the various categories of dreams to understand their significance in your spiritual practice and overall trajectory.
- Clarifying significant dream symbology as a system of feedback from your inner psyche on the process of kundalinī awakening and expansion.
About the Death & Dying Teachings:
Death is considered to be the most important and pivotal experience in a yogin’s life. It is the one moment when you can permanently recognize your own True Nature or svasvabhava, and become liberated even if you were not able to free yourself from samsara during your lifetime.
The ancient teachings on death and dying give you the tools and understanding to successfully navigate the dying process and the after death states. By applying the death practices in your daily spiritual routine and invoking their effect at the moment of death, you will increase your opportunity to attain full realization in this lifetime.
Program includes:
- Teachings and practices on death and dying as a moment to moment integration practice resulting in rapid movement through the first 6 stages of the 12 Stage View Teaching.
- Transmission of the Brhadaranyaka Upanisad chant performed as meditation on death and impermanence as well as for benefitting those who are dying.
- Transmission of the Mahāmrtyunjaya and its three “bija” or seed syllables, and how to use it for cultivating non-attachment and how to dedicate it for the benefit of those who have just died and are transiting the after-death states.
- Clear explanation of the process of the dissolution of the 5 elements during the various types of death one may encounter, and how to usefully assist the dissolution process, instead of impede it.
- Explanations of the different types of “deaths” attainable through practicing non- dual Dharma.
- Clear teachings differentiating the destinations reached by the being after death, based on the type of life lived and practices mastered.
- Teachings on the nature of the “self”, and what it is that dies and is reborn.
- Explanation of the daily rituals one practices for their own cultivation of death yoga, and a clear explanation of the ritual, chanting, prayers, mantra and visualization performed for someone who has recently died.
Who is Dharma Bodhi?

Dharma Bodhi has been made a lineage holder (Acarya) of two non-dual meditation and yoga traditions.
In late 1987 after a year of intensive apprenticeship with Mahatma Sarasvati in a lineage of non-dual Śaivite Yoga he took initiation and entered into an 18 month unbroken solo practice retreat in the meditation methods of Tantrik Yoga.
By the end of 1996 Dharma had completed 10 years of practice retreats and studies with his Indian masters. He had been trained in what was ostensibly non- dual Śaivite Tantrik Yoga and meditation, but his first Indian Acarya made it very clear that what he was learning is the “Yoga” tradition. Dharma would later learn that by “Yoga” his teacher meant the Oral-Practice Tradition of the Mahāsiddhas.
His journey into the world of Tibetan Yoga and Meditation began at his Indian teacher’s prompting. He urged Dharma to continue his advanced meditation studies with qualified Tibetan yogis. Shortly thereafter Dharma began to attend Dzogchen meditation retreats held by Ayang Rinpoche in Bodh Gaya, India and also with Penor Rinpoche in Canada. He took many meditation and View Teaching programs with other lamas including Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche whose openness and non-sectarian style of teaching would influence Dharma’s approach. This began a period of intensive personal study of the biographies of the Mahāsiddhas of the traditions of Śaivism, Bön, Vajrayana, and Daoism.
It is common for a traditionally trained Acarya to learn many branches of knowledge that support the central axis of Yoga and Meditation. To this end Dharma has also completed training in Indian astrology (jyotish), palmistry (hasta samudrika), sacred architecture & geometry (vastu) with Hart de Fouw and one of his senior students. He learned Ayurvedic medicine with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Ashwin Shastry, and water offering rituals (puja), and fire ceremonies (yajña & homa) were learnt by apprenticeship with master-priest Śrī Rami Śivan, Head of the Australian Council of Hindu Clergy.
Now settled in Costa Rica, Dharma Bodhi lives with his wife Sukhalaya, where they both are dedicating time to personal practice, and raising two children. Together, Dharma and Sukhlaya are completing a project, creating a written record of everything that Dharma has learnt in on the spiritual path and continue to travel around the world teaching.

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