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Using I-Ching (Yi Jing), a Chinese Ancient Classic…

What is I-Ching (Yi Jing)? It is a 2,500-year old Chinese Classic Text. When translated, I-Ching means “Book of Changes”. The I-Ching is fundamentally a Book Of Wisdom that offers remarkable insights into the human psyche and the occurrences and events in a person’s life. I-Ching is also a Divination System for Self-discovery, and Decision Making. The I-Ching discusses the changes in life, the balance of all things, synchronicity and even the Prediction of the Future. When well studied and understood, I-Ching provides an immense revelation of a person’s life events and environment.

The Grand Master

Creator of 8-Star Wealth Numbers, Shen Li Min is a I-Ching Grand Master based in China. Medically-trained as a Physician, Master Shen is an Award-winning teacher of I-Ching. From a humble background as a farmer boy, Master Shen devoted 20 years to learn from 10 Masters in various Ancient Chinese Arts. Using the I-Ching Principles, he has grown his Education Company, into a 60-million SDG revenue company in just 7 years, and helped over 30,000 people to improve their health, wealth, and relationships.

8-Star Wealth Numbers Masterclass

What You Will Learn During This Masterclass:

- Discover the practical usage of I-Ching concepts
- How To Accumulate and Retain Wealth more quickly
- Discovering the Trifecta of Success in Life
- How To Gain Better Health & Prevent Potential Sicknesses
- How To Build Better Relationships With Your Partner & Families
- Life Events & Synchronicity: Art of Predicting Your Future
- Management & Prevention of Life Challenges (Crisis & Disasters)


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Singapore Shopping Centre, #04-10
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