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Sunday  14 January  2018  2:00 PM    Sunday  14 January  2018 8:00 PM
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Last update 15/01/2018

Welcome wargamer veterans and skirmish newbies!
I would like to invite you to special paint event. This event is not about how the game is played, it is more for us to gather together, sit down behind a desk and paint some models. Talking about Malifaux background and other stuff, while working towards your goal is the thing that makes our community better.
Are you not a player at all, but willing to get some hands-on experience in building models and painting them? Feel free to join, we'll give you something to try. We'll share our tools and will help you to select first set of paints to start with.
Are you new player without any experience in painting models? Sign up and come for the first lesson from our mentors. We'll show you how to prime your model, share our paints and show you what to focus while painting.
Do you have a model you always wanted to be painted but never had time - feel free to join. Want to have them based and prepared for tournaments to come? Don't forget to bring your own tools and miniatures.
Are you a seasoned player, with crew fully painted or looking for new challenges? Ready to sit down and guide a newcomer to paint his first gremlin or terror tot? Volunteer as the mentor and get a guilder for your time!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions!

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