Food and Its Effect Upon the Child's Brain and Learning

Thursday  21 September  2017  5:30 PM    Thursday  21 September  2017 8:30 PM
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The Standard American Diet causes more than just illness and obesity. It also causes MENTAL ILLNESS – and the Racist Elite who run America’s Food Industry KNOWS this. Fake drug-foods devoid of the natural medicines in plant foods – wreak HAVOC upon the brain, ESPECIALLY the developing brains of children. When the brain is not fed the critical nutrients it requires, it goes HAYWIRE. You can’t think clearly or logically. You can’t handle the natural stresses of life. So, you’re prone to become depressed, and suffer from anxiety. And in many individuals, depression leads to suicide and even HOMICIDE.

A child cannot achieve an optimal education if their brain isn’t developing properly due to always being fed junk foods. ADHD, attention deficit disorder, autism, aggressiveness, learning disabilities, depression, and anxiety can ALL be linked to a mal-nourished brain.

To put it plain and straightforward, American parents are poisoning not only the bodies of their children but their MINDS. American parents are robbing their kids of a bright future by feeding them Franken foods which will not only keep them on the DEATH TRAIN towards early diagnoses of cancer, heart disease, or dementia but create MENTAL ILLNESS.

Must I bring up that Black children fare MUCH worse than children of other ethnic groups? Is it a coincidence that the most brain-damaging foods in existence are MOST readily available in Black communities, while the most brain-NOURISHING foods in existence are LEAST available?

There cannot and will not EVER be a real revolution of positive change in Black America, if we don’t address and CHANGE the 1,000,000-pound elephant in the room behind the epidemic of mental illness, disease, and VIOLENCE in our communities – DIET.
If you are a concerned parent or plant to be a parent, you should set aside everything in your schedule to be there September 25th at 6 PM. I will teach you the REAL cause of ALL mental illness, and then I’ll give you the CURE.

It is HIGH TIME, for a HEALTH REVOLUTION in Black America! And I have determined in my heart, that although the mountains may be mighty, although the storms may be destructive, and although the valleys may be deep…The TRUTH about Health & Wellness will cover ALL Black America, as the waters cover the sea. Shalom.

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