From Separation to Unity

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From Separation to Unity

 “Body, breath and heart awareness are synchronizing in Stillness, allowing the unconditional healing flow of Wholeness.” Kaifi

 In this inward journey of Remembrance you will experience the bringing to light of self-imposed filters representing limitations of human personality. The filters that stop the natural movement of love and awareness from flowing. As you move into this journey, all your self-imposed boundaries start dissolving, thus opening your expansion into your authentic limitless being.

From a healing space of trust, presence and stillness, we move within the atmosphere of qualities, reconnecting with our potential and allowing the unbound flow of Love and truth that is always available in us.

 Rooted in our breath, body awareness and energetics of our physical heart, we explore an ancient technique of looking into friend's left eye. This creates a natural effect of perceiving the physical form dissolving and opening to the infinite flow letting ourselves receive the gift of heart healing space through bridging love and awareness.

Through this gentle yet powerful technique the whole energy moves towards the heart allowing the mind to be silent and the unconditional flow of healing into our presence. As a result we experience reduced level of stress and anxiety, clarity in the issues that hinder us from enjoying living in the moment, and trust. Resonating with the unity that already exists and brings us into Wholeness.

Remembering and reconnecting with heart’s intuition, relaxing into our true nature as a part of the Organic Whole.

 Breathing, Relaxing, Receiving, Remembering and Owning the experience in every cell of our body with existential joy.

 A meditative journey created by Kaifi for Individuals, Couples and Groups.

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Kaifi, creator of Separation to Unity and co-creator of Transcendental Coaching has been initiated and trained in many different methods & techniques. He is licensed HeartMath®Coach, a facilitator's trainer of OSHO Meditative Therapies and Active Meditations, certified practitioner of DVNLP (the  German Association of NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis.
He has been sharing his trainings, courses and working with individuals, couples and groups all around the world for many years now. From Separation to Unity – Course and Practitioner Training, The Art of Meditation & OSHO Meditative Therapies, Die Before You Die -  The Art of Let Go, Energy Healing and TCT -Transcendental Coaching Training are some of them.

 The main sources of inspiration for Kaifi’s work have been his own life experiences and his way of living, which has been “on the edge” for many years. This brought him to a point of transformation and then “From Separation to Unity” came into existence, a system that was created intuitively, but is still in tune with the latest scientific research about the heart consciousness. In 2017 he created the “FSTU Practitioner Training”, which he developed for the people willing to share this work, a training to facilitate sessions for individuals and couples, using this powerful technique.

 “The love & acceptance space he creates, a huge change in consciousness, joy of the present moment with whatever it brings, along with a deep responsibility for one’s life… is what remains at the end of his groups.”

Born in Crete island in Greece and traveled for many years around the world, Kaifi is now living and sharing in the OSHO Afroz meditation center, located in the small village of Eresos at Lesvos island -Greece, with total involvement in all dimensions of the commune.

The recent experience of being a father is a rediscovery of the beauty of life and a reawakening of life's qualities!


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