Full Aesthetic Diploma

Wednesday  24 April  2019  10:00 AM    Wednesday  24 April  2019 5:00 PM
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Recurring event

Full Aesthetic Diploma
From 12 Apr 2019 to 12 Apr 2019
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لكل دكاترة الاسنان المهتمين بالتجميل
لاننا في مارفيل مهتمين بارائكوا ولان اغلب المرضي دلوقتي مهتمين بالتجميل
صممنالكم الدبلومه دي مخصوص
علي مدار 12 يوم هندرس كل حاجه تخص التجميل من اول
Dental photography يوم 12 ابريل مع الدكتور شهاب الدين محمد
واللي هنتعلم فيه
1- Introduction about cameras
2- What is DSLR camera and how it works
3- What are the exposure factors and how to manipulate them to get the correct exposure
4- How to adjust your camera settings and get perfect results
5- Dental Photography
How to get standardized images that will be approved by any dental institute-learning the correct settings to get the perfect dental image – dental photo tricks – how to take artistic dental photo
6- Errors
7- Workshop (how to take a picture and how to avoid the errors)
8- Discussion about what camera to use
9- Answering this question….what if I don't have a macro lens and a ring flash… can I still take dental photos
The answer is yes…how
10- How to manipulate the light to get artistic and perfect photos
وتاني يوم يوم 13 ابريل
Digital smile design
مع الدكتور عمر محفوظ واللي هنتعلم فيه
1-basic principles for designing aesthetically accepted smile
2-how to use PowerPoint template to do analysis on 2D photographs
3-The reasons behind introducing the concept of "Digital smile design"
4-How to design digital smile from simple diastema to full mouth rehabilitation basis
5-How to guide the lab to do the waxing up as designed 6-different software available in market for digital smile design
7-How to take good facial & dental photos
Composite module
مع الدكتور احمد سعد
علي مدار 3 ايام
18-19 -20
وده هندرس فيه
Posterior Composite :
Composite placement and application techniques:
1- Diagnosis .
2-material selection
2-Caries removal concept
3-Cavity design .
4-How to get tight contact .
5- Matrices and . How to use??
a-types of matrices
b- Ring; From old metal to new V ring.
c- Wooden wedge vs plastic wedges
6- Pre-wedging.
7- Teflon wedge.
8- Bonding procedures .
6-Build up technique .
7- injection molding vs layering
8- Finish and polish protocol .
9- How to remove high spots?
10- cases discussion
**Each participant will do (Practical work):
-Composite hands-on
1- class II composite restoration
2- back to back case
From cavity design to finishing and polishing
Using 2 different rings , different matrices and wedges
Anterior composite
- Anterior Composite :
1- Case Analysis .
2-Poly chromatin vs Monochromatic technique .
3- Shade Selection .
4- Material and how to use.
5- Build up techniques
3D layering approach .
6- Surface texture .
7- Uses of stain .
8- Finishing and polishing protocol .
9-Case documentation
10 direct composite veneer
Using modified matrix band
11- diastema closure cases
Analysis – treatment plan – build up approach
Finishing and surface texture – polishing protocol
10 – trauma in young pts and how to manage
11-cases discussion .
**Each participant wil do(Practical work):
- Composite Hands-on
1- Each participate will do class IV composite
2- direct composite veneer
3- diastema closure case
From bevel and preparation till finishing and polishing
Composite veneer
Every candidate will do composite veneer on cast
And will attend live demo on composite veneer and rubber dam isolation
وبعدين يوم 24 ابريل
هيبقي perio
مع الدكتوره سلافة بلال
Perio aesthetic area
How to diagnose and differentiate between various cases
Treatment options for gummy smile
Surgical lip re positioning techniques
Crown lengthening
Indications for Crown lengthening
Flap techniques and designs
Different suture techniques
Work shop on sheap heads
وبعدين يوم 25
مع الدكتور ايمن الامين
Types of dental laser
Laser uses in
Operative dentistry
Surgical extractions
Surgical and soft tissue application
Teeth desensitization
Endo canals disinfection
Perio pockets cleaning and disinfection
Gingival and lips depigmentation
Tmj pain
Teeth bleaching with minimum sensitivity
Work shop on sheap head
Every candidate will use laser on sheap head
ويوم 26 هيبقي
Bleaching مع دكتور حمدي القاضي
1. Discoloration
2. What is bleaching
3. Before bleaching(prognosis, pt, expectation(
4. Bleaching types, materials, activators & techniques.
5. Complications & how to deal with
6. Adverse effects
7. Effects on rest. Materials
8. Some bleaching material & devices available in the markets
Practical Module
Live demo on patient
ويوم 27 هيبقي veneer
مع الدكتور ماجد زهدي
وهنتعلم فيه
Treatment planing for aesthetic cases
No prep versus conventional veneers
Indications and contraindications for laminate veneers
Different preparation types
Ceramic materials for laminate veneers
Cementation of laminate veneers
Workshop Hands on preparation of different designs of laminate veneers
ويم 2-3-4 مايو هيبقي facial aesthetic
مع الدكتوره الاء الجندي
- Botox- fillers & Facial Aesthetics
Module I Botox Module:
• Defining aesthetic medicine.
• Integrating aesthetics medicine in our dental office
• Facial anatomy & skin basics
• Botulinum toxin & its use in cosmetic practice.
• Botox injection tips & techniques
• Management of bruxism , gummy smile & perioral wrinkles by only using Botox
• Botox indications, complications & contraindications
Module II Fillers Module:
• Facial anatomy & skin basics.
• Facial Dangerous zone.
• Fillers injection tips and techniques.
• Facial re-contouring by dermal fillers.
• Dermal Fillers for cheeks, chin augmentation, nasolabial folds, lips contouring and augmentation..etc.
• Dermal fillers complication and contraindications
• Anesthesia for aesthetic medicine.
• PRP therapy, mesotherapy & Collagen Induction therapy for facial rejuvenation.
Module III Practical Module:
• Live Demo on patient
• Hands on patient using fillers, Botox and PRP on patient for each candidate
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7000 جنيه
وبعد 1 ابريل 8500 جنيه
يلا متضيعش الفرصة
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