Garden Quartet & Saray Iluminado Concert

Saturday  9 February  2019  0:30 AM    Saturday  9 February  2019 4:00 AM
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Last update 09/03/2019

For the first time, Garden Quartet and Saray Iluminado perform together to present an evening of Persian, Australian, Bosnian and Sephardic Jewish music. A not to be missed event showcasing two of Melbourne’s most eclectic acts.
Music from around the globe is transformed through the lens of Australia, taking the listener on a journey through Persia,the Balkans and East Mediterranean. and back home again.
Melbourne based Garden Quartet perform at Memo Music Hall in St Kilda. Garden, which features Gelareh Pour on Kamancheh and Voice, accompanied by Mike Gallichio on Electric Guitar, Arman Habibi on Santur and Vocals, and Brian O’Dwyer on Drum Kit, blends western themes with Persian motifs, creating unique and emotive Australian/Iranian world music. This will also be the only Melbourne performance of Garden Quartet until much later in the year.
Garden will be joined on the night by Saray Iluminado who perform new interpretations of Sevdah from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sephardic Jewish music from the Balkans. Led by the Bosnian-Australian musician Nela Trifkovic, Saray Iluminado are one of Melbourne’s best-loved world music ensembles, featuring multi-instrumentalists Irine Vela (the haBiBis) Ernie Gruner (Bohemian Nights) Dan Witton (Bush Gothic) and Kelly Dowall (Muziz)
This is the first time these two acts have been presented on the same bill, and promises to leave audiences breathless.
Premium Reserved: $40 +B/F
A-Reserved: $35 +B/F
كنسرت گروه گاردن و ساراي ايلومينادر براي اولين بار در ملبورن. موسيقي ايراني، استراليايي، يهودي و بوسنيايي در يك شب
نهم فوريه ٢٠١٩ ساعت ٧:٣٠ عصر
تهيه غذا و نوشيدني در محل كنسرت ميسر مي باشد.

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