Global Blockchain Summit Southeast Asia

Friday  17 May  2019  8:00 AM    Friday  17 May  2019 12:00 PM
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Last update 18/05/2019

We want to welcome everyone from Central America to the Global Blockchain Summit. This is the world's most exclusive crypto event that is limited to only 30 leaders within the distributed ledger technology industry: 9 keynote speakers and 21 panelists. FutureCast.Live streams the best industry-specific conversations with the top leaders from around the world. Watch intangible ideas become realized as visionaries cast the future of their region in real time. Join our worldwide audience. Learn from top industry futurists. Cast your own future.

This will be live-streamed across ~100 different YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels. There will be a large digital audience that sign up to watch throughout all over North, Central and South America as well as the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Example: Future Of Blockchain and NFT.NYC

globalblockchainsummit1-1.jpeg18:00 Ian Utile's Opening Keynote On The Future Of Blockchain
globalblockchainsummit2-1.jpeg18:15 KEYNOTE Decentralization Is The Best Thing That Has Happened For Artists And Entertainers In The Last 10,000 Years
18:30 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Entertainment And Art In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit3-1.jpeg18:45 KEYNOTE The News And Media Industry Need To Become Maniacal About Decentralization If They Want To Regain The Public's Trust
19:00 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact The News And Media Industry In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit4-1.jpeg19:15 KEYNOTE God's On The Chain Is More Than Clickbait - Decentralization Will Do More To Influence Worship & Philanthropy Than The Internet
19:30 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Worship And Philanthropy In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit5-1.jpeg19:45 KEYNOTE Every Family Needs Decentralized Currency To Protect Their Wealth And Decentralized Insurance To Protect Their Legacy
20:00 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Families In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit6-1.jpeg20:15 KEYNOTE The Untold Secret Why 81% Of Centralized Fortune 100 Companies Are Investing In Decentralized Technology
20:30 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Business In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit7-1.jpeg20:45 KEYNOTE Decentralization Will Usher In A New Era Of Educational Access To Developing Nations And The World's Most Impoverished People
21:00 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Education In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit8-1.jpeg21:15 KEYNOTE The Reason Puerto Rico Could Be The Missing Ingredient In Mass Market Adoption Of Decentralization
21:30 PANEL How Could Blockchain Impact Government In The Next Decade?
globalblockchainsummit9-1.jpeg21:45 Brock Pierce's Final Keynote On The Future Of Blockchain

ballroom.jpegWe are gathering inside a private 500-year-old renovated monastery (event space photo above), one cobblestoned block from the beautiful beaches of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (rooftop photo below).

rooftop.jpegThe artwork we used in the banners is from acclaimed crypto-artist, Josephine Bellini, who will be displaying her art at Consensus 2019 in NYC on the 3rd floor of the Hilton.
josieart2.jpeg* Please be advised the event will be live streamed with a video team capturing the event. By registering for the event, you are agreeing and granting your permission to the rights of your image, likeness, and sound of your voice as recorded on audio or video without payment or any other consideration. You understand that your image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein your likeness appears. Additionally, you waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of your image or recording. You also understand that this material may be used in diverse physical and digital settings within an unrestricted geographic area.

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