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Our june artists invite you to an open studio day at Eyvindartunga.
Listamenn júnímánaðar bjóða öllum sem vilja á sýningu í vinnustofunni að Eyvindartungu.

Carrie C Firman (born 1982, Pennsylvania, USA) is a graphic designer and visual artist who holds a BA in Commercial Design (Lycoming College) and an MFA in Visual Studies (State University of New York at Buffalo). She is an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Carrie C Firman has just recently begun her residency, working on two new projects. One explores comparing her experiences of synesthesia (automatic cross-sensory perception) with those of Kandinsky, creating a digital illustration for each color incorporating pairings of sound, personality, and symbolism. The second is a self-portraiture photography project recording the ups and downs of living with chronic illnesses and pain.

Emma Fineman is a visual artist from San Francisco, USA. In 2013 she received her BFA with Magna Cum Laude Honors as a painting major from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Upon receiving her BFA Fineman has been included in various exhibitions including solo shows in Baltimore and Miami, and group shows both nationally and abroad. Currently Fineman lives in the SF Bay Area where she works from her studio in Oakland.
Emma Fineman writes about her work, “While at Gullkistan I have been working on collaboration with two photographers, also from San Francisco, Sam Hylton and Christine Lloyd. For this project we traveled the ring road utilizing Iceland's incredible landscape to produce a body of photo works, which utilize myself and Christine as models juxtaposed against these dreamlike settings. I have worked with these photos as reference for a body of painting works, reevaluating these images and creating psychological narratives.”
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Sandi Rigby is a visual artist from New South Wales, Australia. Her work is often influenced by a landscape theme, working both conceptually and realistically. Her works are the result of multiple layers of plates and tedious detail.
Sandi Rigby’s watercolor and gouache drawings and paintings are of the Icelandic Landscape, some also involving ancient Norse and Viking symbols and text.

Sydney Steen is a visual artist from Dallas, Texas. She graduated with an MFA in Painting and Sculpture from the University of North Carolina, and has shown her work throughout the U.S., including Detroit and Brooklyn.
Sydney Steen’s recent works are continuing studies of ice and rock: the shifting, exploding, cracking, and melting of the landscape and the attempt to measure and contain it.

Sarita Zaleha is an artist with an expanded creative practice that includes fiber arts, installation, printmaking, book arts, and social practice. Her work addresses emotional relationships with the environment. She is based in Minneapolis, MN and Iowa City, IA and is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Iowa.
Her knotted net explores the interconnectedness of the natural and built worlds. While walking along and within the net, multiple enmeshments occur as viewers see the net, each other, the gallery, and the landscape. Created while in residence at Gullkistan Center for Creativity, the net will be photographed in the landscape in Iceland.

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