Hack&Health 2017

Friday  24 November  2017  5:44 PM
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Last update 25/11/2017

The City of Terrassa (Spain/Catalonia/Barcelona) organizes, together with ConnecThink Innovation the second edition of Hack & Health.

HACK & HEALTH 2017 offers the opportunity to develop applications focused on improving the quality of life of citizens by making available to participants a set of open and centralized data (+200 datasets) in the field of health.

Hack & Health 2017 consists of a first phase (Webinar) that will analyze the current IT challenges in the health field with the objective of orienting the participants in the real needs of the sector and offering them information on the available datasets, technical aspects of the event and complete teams. The second phase of Hack & Health 2017 consists of the "Hands-on-code" session whose main objective will be to have at the end of the Hackathon an application with a graphic interface that works against one or more of the open datasets in the field of Health that the organization will make available. Also during this second phase of the Hachathon will be held an Open Debate about Open Data health sector and entrepreneurship, as well as several technical Workshops.

The Hackathon will be located in the facilities of the UPC to Terrassa - ESEIAAT - developing between Friday 24 November (15:30 pm - 20:00 pm) and Saturday 25 November (09:00 am - 20:00 pm).

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Carrer de Colom 1, Terrassa, 8222, Cataluña, Spain
Carrer de Colom 1, Terrassa, 8222, Cataluña, Spain