Imaginary Chronicles 遊島記

Monday  18 March  2019  4:00 PM    Monday  18 March  2019 7:00 PM
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Last update 19/03/2019

Two series of "Blossom Series" and "The Pleasure" are created By Tong Chong and Noah Ng Fong Chao, and show in this exhibition.
New works of the Blossom Series that explore the definition of beauty in people's lives through daily nuances of life. The rapid spread of information nowadays bring constant impact on people, from daily living habits to folk traditions, people have a new understanding of beauty. As people’s way of thinking changes with time, there is always a new definition of beauty. Tradition is rooted in people’s lives – how will it be under this influence? There is much food for thought.
Artworks of The Pleasure express different cultural values are prone to misunderstandings and even conflicts due to cognitive differences. The artist created the artworks based on Ye Quan's "Pilgrimage to Lingnan" - according to the artist, if what is written by Ye Quan described the superficial cognition of the Chinese to the Western customs, then he would like to use this misunderstanding of the West to create his artworks.
由唐重與吳方洲分別創作之"繁花記系列"及"豫遊" ,共同展出於此次畫展。

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孫逸仙大馬路 Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, 澳門 Macau, 澳門 Macau, 中国