The Myth Of Humane Eggs (DxE Global Day Of Action)

Saturday  13 January  2018  1:00 PM
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Last update 14/01/2018

NOTE: we were going to sing songs of liberation this day but we will be following DxE's global day of action this month where we will speak up for the baby male chickens who are ground up alive.
If you were looking forward to singing or have a good singing voice, we can incorporate a song into our action.
Let us know if you are willing to sing at this event.

We will enter a place that sells eggs with a blender with fake baby chickens and ask the patrons if they would be willing to start the blender. We will then speak on the egg industry, how male chickens are ground up alive.
We will speak up how whether the eggs are free range, cage free etc. there is still a lot of suffering involved.

Even if you want to just come and observe how we do our actions, we would love to have you there. We want to build a loving community around activism.

All materials will be provided

As always, there will be a fun social after.

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a grassroots network of animal rights activists working to create a world where every animal is safe, happy and free. Through community building, open rescue, and disruptive protest, we are building a strong movement for animals.

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