Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Providing Access for All [CANCELLED]

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Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Providing Access for All [CANCELLED]
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Mon 30 March 2020
Monday 30 March 2020
9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

In this workshop we will explore inclusive strategies that can be incorporated into the classroom to support all students, particularly those with disability. These inclusive strategies promote equity and support all students to achieve social and academic goals.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to:

  • The foundation for inclusive practice where participants will explore the understanding of disability and whether this is viewed as an outcome of social processes or the result of physical and/or medical differences
  • Group work, in the form of cooperative learning, to facilitate inclusion. This approach is an evidence-based, highly structured, constructivist approach to learning that involves students working as a group to achieve a common educational or social goal that the students find meaningful. This approach works for all year levels and provides a framework to improving student learning by strengthening classroom practice.
  • Pre-teaching strategies with a focus on vocabulary, concepts, social skills and cognitive strategies to support participation in whole class lessons.
  • Highly structured classrooms can be created through the use of predictable routines and procedures. These need to be carefully taught, modelled and established to assist students to know and understand what is happening which therefore relieves anxiety.
  • Visual cues are a way of presenting information, often in pictorial format, to simplify the message, making it easier to understand, simplify abstract concepts and create a visual link to an idea and provide nonverbal reminders to reduce the need for auditory input. While visual supports are often utilised for children/ students with disabilities, these teaching strategies should be used in every centre/ classroom, at every level as part of the universal design for learning (UDL).
  • Supporting transitions through self-management tools empower students to manage big emotions and tricky behaviour. These tools provide students with insight into why they feel the way they do and give them strategies to be self aware and self directed, thereby reducing the load on the teacher.

Intended Audience:

Teachers/ educators in all year levels


Dr Leanne Longfellow is the director of Inclusive Education Planning. She has taught in a variety of education settings over a thirty year period and is passionate about inclusive education and social justice.

Participants will receive:

  • A certificate of attendance referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.
  • Electronic handouts of the powerpoint.
  • Hard copies of the notes and templates provided at the workshop.
  • Morning tea and a light lunch

Testimonials from previous workshops:

'I loved that the topics covered and information expressed was applicable to all students not just those with special needs. It’s a whole class approach too! Very practical!' Nicole Zacher

'I liked the way the professional learning was presented with strategies to support behaviours.' Amelia Pickard

'Clear and to the point. Relatable to school environment. Do-able'. Marie Foreman'

Full of information and examples, scenarios and ideas to take away. Talk time at the end of the session was good to be able to discuss different strategies'. Leesa

'I liked the examples during the slideshow. Breakdown of behaviour management strategies used now and overtime and how they have/ haven’t worked.' Alison McConachy

'Informative. Practical ideas for students with learning disabilities.' Helen Braley

'The strategies were clearly set out and identified and explained thoroughly.' Emily Shepherd

'This workshop exceeded all my expectations.' Abbie Kemp


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