International Who You Are Day

Tuesday  17 July  2018  9:01 PM    Wednesday  18 July  2018 8:59 PM
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Last update 20/07/2018

Did you know there's a International Women's Day and a international Men's Day every year?
There's a International Children's Day and even a International Day of the Girl, but there's no International Day of the Boy.
Instead of leaving some people out, how about having a International Who You Are Day?
I'm Missy Barrett -- a fictional 9-year-old girl -- and I think it's time we had a celebration day for everybody to be happy about who they are. That's why I came up with International Who You Are Day.
The first ever International Who You Are Day is on 18 July 2018 (that's a Wednesday) so let's start getting the word out on this brand new worldwide celebration.
I'm counting on all of you to make this day the best day ever every single year!
To read all about how this celebration got made, click through to my blog.
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