iPackEXPO - 365 Online

iPackEXPO - 365 Online
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From Wed 1 July 2020 to Thu 31 December 2020
From Wednesday 1 July 2020 to Thursday 31 December 2020

Virtual event

The Open Packaging Network (OPN Platform ) - already proven global leader of packaging industry digitalization hosting a First Ever permanent virtual Trade Show - iPackEXPO for packaging industry stakeholders and decision-makers to meet and showcase their products, and continue to drive business endless, and as if nothing had happened: trade show, network, meeting are now ONLINE !

The global crisis has illustrated the need for digital migration, but it has also shone a light on another crisis – climate change. On average, around 600,000 tons of waste is produced at trade shows every year, caused by paper waste and other marketing material. By hosting trade shows and expos online, the packaging industry is taking a major step forward in reducing the carbon footprint.

Why exhibit?

Expose your business to thousands of decision-makers across the globe and expand your network with the verified buyers you would normally connect with at traditional trade shows:

  • Non-stop trade show: 365/24/7.
  • Virtual Company Booth: exhibitor video, instant video calls with lead scoring, live chat with sales staff, inbound meetings, showcase products, live stream product demos with Q&A.
  • Exhibitor Center: company profile, a dashboard to manage your 1:1 and group meetings.
  • Sponsor or organize Video Sessions including webinars, product launches, workshops, and demos.
  • Display your product gallery: suggested products to buy, advanced filters, multiple product categories, save favorite products.
  • Track your ROI with advanced analytics in real-time.
  • Obtain instant feedback using real-time interactive features like polling and Q&As.
  • Promote to specific groups of attendees with targeted ads.
  • Networking opportunities: AI recommended people to meet.
  • Environmentally friendly: eliminates the use of brochures or any supplementary material that causes paper waste and instead makes them available in the form of online resources.

Exposure will also decrease your business’s environmental impact. Virtual trade shows eliminate the use of paper and printed marketing material and cancel the carbon footprint of local and international travel. By exhibiting, your business is showing its commitment to global sustainable change.

Why attend?

At OPN iPackEXPO , you’ll meet the major packaging industry players and the rising stars of the global packaging world, and discover the latest sustainable innovations destined to transform the industry for the better:

  • The EXPO area: 365/24/7 discover new products, trends, partners, and sustainable innovations to diversify and scale your packaging business.
  • The Sessions area: attend multi-track conferences, training workshops, hackathons, breakout rooms, webinars, seminars.
  • The Networking area: automate the discovery of new connections in a place where people meet one-on-one.
  • Mobile App: chat with the right people before, due or even after the event.
  • Online communication: communicate in real-time with exhibitors, speakers, and other participants.
  • Industry trends & insights are at your fingertips: bring top trends and insights right to your doorstep.

iPackEXPO increases your participation dramatically. You don't need to travel to attend the event. It is extremely cost-effective for attendees in terms of travel costs and accommodation costs. This enables more C - level executives to attend the event.

Attending OPN iPackEXPO can be one of the most interesting ways to stay on top of market news, expand your network, and find technologies that are revolutionizing the industry. And, of course, do business, both as an exhibitor or an attendee.

Why speak at OPN iPackEXPO?

  • Flexible for presenters or speakers as your physical presence is not required.
  • Schedule-friendly approach: saving precious time and money.
  • Your keynotes, presentations, fireside chats, panels, interviews, and so on. Up to 100,000 people can view the session at a time.
  • Have the same networking opportunities as the other participants.

Your digital experience (i.e. event or meeting) has never been more important. To reach us speakers@opnplatform.com.

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Virtual event

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