Joel Davel and the Circus of Associates

Sunday  23 April  2017  4:30 PM    Sunday  23 April  2017 6:00 PM
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Last update 24/04/2017

An event within an event (See Buchla Memorial Concerts Facebook event for more general info on the WHOLE WEEKEND.) A non-stop concert of music "Joel Davel and the Circus of Associates" features Joel Davel as the ringmaster in duos with Peter Apfelbaum, Amy X Neuburg, Brian Rice, Karl Sevareid, and Claudine Naganuma. Plus duos: Stephen Ruppenthal and Brian Belet, Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard, Mark Vail and David Battino, Charles Seeholzer, and Wendy Reid with Lulu the African grey parrot.
Tickets $12 at the door. Plus online many other full day passes still available for the events at Gray Area. at

Who are we? Joel Davel is a percussionist and close 20-year associate of Don's; multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Peter Apfelbaum joined Don on several tours; Karl Sevareid, who when he wasn't working for Don, was playing bass with the likes of Elvin Bishop and Robert Cray. He also co-founded the group "Fried Suck" with Don; Brian Rice is a percussionist extraordinaire, pandiero specialist and former Buchla Associate/shop tech; Amy X Neuburg is an accomplished vocalist/composer/friend. Don attended most Amy X Neuburg and Men shows; Claudine Naganuma is choreographer and director of dNaga. Stephen Ruppenthal is a trumpeter and synthesist and, along with Don, was a member of the Electric Weasel Ensemble. He, Brian Belet, and Pat Strange have an active group called "Soundproof"; Todd Barton is a composer and well-known Buchla educator; Mark Vail is a music journalist and performer and the author of The Synthesizer; David Battino is also a performer and music journalist; Charles Seeholzer is a former Buchla tech; Wendy Reid is composer and long-time friend of Don. Lulu, an African Grey Parrot is her collaborator of 10 years.

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