Kabbalistic Astrology Workshop -Capricorn- Ideal Career & Money

Wednesday  19 December  2018  7:30 PM    Wednesday  19 December  2018 10:30 PM
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Last update 20/12/2018

✨Join us for this kabbalistic astrology workshop, where you will learn to use the cosmic energy available at this moment. You will learn more about the archetype of Capricorn and how to connect to the positive aspects, while learning how to avoid the negative ones. We will work on your natal chart and learn powerful techniques to discover your ideal career and how to deal better with the energy of money✨
We will start with an introduction of Kabbalistic Astrology and the differences to conventional astrology, as well as origin of astrology and wisdom of Kabbalah.
You will come aware of the importance to know and be conscious about the energy available during each month in order to reveal your full potential and live a happy meaningful life.
We will also delve into the archetype of Capricorn and all the secretes related to it, including how to recognize them, how they act, their positive aspects and weak points, and why this time of the year is connected to miracles.
This will help you in which area of your life you are acting consciously or unconsciously with this potent influence of Capricorn.
The workshop is excellent for:
⭐introducing you into astrology or if you already have knowledge to get deeper
⭐starting to read and discover your natal chart, the map and GPS of your soul journey
⭐seeing in which are of life you are acting as Capricorn (money? love relationships? career?)
⭐starting to set short and long term goals
⭐starting to live with purpose with more awareness about yourself
⭐having tools that will help you find your ideal career
⭐discovering your relationship with money
LOCATION: Wellco. Loft (next to Bogatell station)
CONTACT: ivaneta@ivaneta.com
**In the workshop each one of you will work on your natal chart, so please send us also your date, hour and place of birth to the email to register.**
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Ivaneta Bo is kabbalistic astrologer and profesional life coach and in the second part of her workshops she gives powerful tools and techniques how to deal and apply in your life what you have learned. This time she will share techniques how to find your ideal career.
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We are located right next to Bogatell station (Exit Pere IV). You will recognize us by looking for a big red industrial building, right next to a little bridge on the street Pujades. The exact address is Carrer Pere IV 29. Once you get to the door, simply press 62 and OK, and we will open. We are located on the 6th floor. The metro station Marina is also in close walking distance.

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Wellco— Yoga, coworking, wellbeing
Carrer de Pere IV 29 Unit 6-2, Barcelona, 8018, CT, Spain
Wellco— Yoga, coworking, wellbeing
Carrer de Pere IV 29 Unit 6-2, Barcelona, 8018, CT, Spain
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