KC - Kanban Cadences (Throughput Kanban) - Ottawa (Certified Tameflow Kanban Training)

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KC - Kanban Cadences (Throughput Kanban) - Ottawa (Certified Tameflow Kanban Training)
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From Thu 10 October 2019 to Fri 11 October 2019
From Thursday 10 October 2019 to Friday 11 October 2019
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

KC - Kanban Cadences

(Throughput Kanban)

You have used the Kanban method for a while now, doing good on lead time reduction and reached the point where you need to get sales up & wastes down and just can’t figure out how with the basic body of knowledge of the Kanban method? This class is for you with Tameflow Kanban, a 21st century Kanban that takes you leaps beyond the Kanban method.


You want to be laser focussed on your next Kanban system improvements by acting on common cause variation? That makes sense but unfortunately the Kanban method can’t help you identify common cause variation. You simply need a little help from Tameflow Kanban on top of your existing Kanban method knowledge to get you there and stop improving away from the constraint of your system where it is not needed and costly!


You wish to tame the intrinsic variability accumulated by the passage of time? Now is the time to scale up your Kanban systems!


The Kanban Cadences class tackle these questions and so much more!


In this class, you will learn additional ways to leverage and scale Kanban in your organisation by showing the economic benefits of flow, how effortless it is to scale Kanban and ways of providing feedback and strategic alignment to the organisation in a fashion that resembles the 21st century.


While all other Kanban training offerings focus on Lead Time, this class is the only one of its kind in the world: we focus on Throughput and Flow efficiency.


Who Should Attend

This class is for those who wish to better manage Kanban systems and scale up their existing fleet of Kanban systems with the best thought leadership available on the market today.

What You Will Learn

  • Cadences – What are they good for?
  • Goldratt’s CCPM buffers or Reinertsen’s principle V11 to tame variability?
  • The dimensions of Flow and how they integrate! Where are the risks shown on your Kanban board?
  • Where are the risks shown on your event based risk management Kanban board?
  • How Tameflow Kanban is the only Kanban to manage explicit risk management!
  • Portfolio Management:
    • WIP limits
    • Kanban cadences in a Portfolio context! All new.
    • Common cause and special cause variation with CCPM buffers
    • Capacity planning using Theory of Constraints
    • Risk taxonomies: Stop talking, Start starting!
    • Coordination costs
  • The economic benefits of Flow and Throughput Accounting on the bottom line
  • TOC & Queueing theory – Out with the old, in with the new! Or not?
  • Bottlenecks – A double-edged sword!
  • Additional tools from Eli Goldratt that improve the Kanban method with Theory of Constraints, Throughput Accounting, CCPM & Drum-Buffer-Rope
  • DBR Kanban board for Throughput and Flow efficiency with constraint management
  • Transaction costs and coordination costs: in depth with practical examples
  • S L A C K – The ultimate improvement opportunity!
  • PMO section - Reporting with GLOBEX like metrics used the at Chicago Mercantile Exchange instead of managing with OPEX, CAPEX and ROI and always be a day late and a penny short!
  • Resistance to WIP limits – The 8 personas
  • The good, the bad and the ugly regarding column WIP limits
  • Common cause variability and Tameflow – The Tameflow Kanban
  • Delivery reviews, ops reviews, strategic reviews and risk reviews
  • Kanban S(t)imulation

Both days consist largely of interactive group exercises and simulations. Flash quizzes based on Tameflow life situations that will take you out of your comfort zones and get you thinking out of the box are also part of the experience!


This class is a certified Tameflow Kanban training by Steve Tendon.

This training class is certified by the PMI REP program of the Project Management Institute.

Upon completion of Kanban Foundation (Lead Time Kanban) and Kanban Cadences (Trhoughput Kanban), you become a CKP – Certified Kanban Professional – for life with no further obligations. Your student shared folders will be kept updated with the best new material!

Participants receive a standard digital certificate of class completion and 14 PDUs.

The ‘Practical Kanban’ eBook from the heavy hitter Klaus Leopold is given. An Amazon Kindle best seller!

The fantastic trilogy ‘Tameflow – The Tameflow Kanban’ eBook by Steve Tendon is given

From the experienced Daniel Vacanti, a pioneer of the Kanban method, you get ‘Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability’ or ‘When will it be done – Lean & Agile forecasting to answer your customers’ most important question’


  • You get pragmatic, actionable guidance you can implement in your organization next week - because it doesn't require permission, a large budget or getting others to change
  • Private on-site classes are also available, upon request
  • A Google Drive Shared Folder fully indexed with hundreds of the best articles, videos, presentations and tweets from Kanban experts


  • Attendee substitutions are allowed anytime until the start of the class
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel classes or to change venue within a reasonable distance
  • Refunds are provided as follows: 35 days or more, 100%; 15 days or more, 50%

Visit www.agileagonist.com for more details about the Kanban method and information on a class near you in North America!

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