Learn how to give your Male partner a Tantric erotic massage

Friday  31 May  2019  7:00 PM    Friday  31 May  2019 8:15 PM
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Come and spend an hour on a comfortable seat and watch how to perform a tantric erotic massage to your male partner. You will be shown many different ways to massage and arouse a mans penis and surrounding area by watching your facilitator perform various techniques using a live male model.
Marcella, your workshop facilitator, is a genuine, warm hearted lady that brings amazing positive energy into every workshop, with 5 years experience as a sensual massage therapist, she is friendly and provides an easy to follow entertaining workshop suited to anyone interested in Male genital massage or Tantric Lingham massage.

Why should you attend? 
* Lingham massage is ideal for Men who suffer from Premature ejaculation or have difficulty in reaching orgasm. Learning how to touch him in a way that removes all his anxiety and helps him gain more control is a great skill to know. 

* Adding something new to your bedroom repertoire will create new excitement for your partner. 

* This workshop could help improve your skills if you are beginning a career in sensual massage. 

We will be focusing on practical 'hands on' erotic massage skills rather that covering a whole lot of tantric theory. However some basic theory is provided to reinforce the practical work and help you understand the mindset required to perform a Lingham massage correctly.

What will I learn
* How to awaken his masculine energy and learn how to connect to his sexual energy more intuitively. 

* How to handle that penis and surrounding area with confidence, care & love! 

* Techniques for keeping him on the edge which will lead him towards the biggest orgasm of his life! 

Marcella prefers to host small workshops with no more that 6 people, this ensures that everyone can sit close enough to the massage table to watch the practical work in comfort. 

Privately run at the Touch by Venus Holistic Sensual Massage studio located at Spencer St, in the heart of Melbourne City. 
Non alcoholic Refreshments are provided during the Workshop.


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Touch By Venus Holistic Sensual Massage Studio
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Touch By Venus Holistic Sensual Massage Studio
Melbourne (3000), Victoria, Australia