Local Biz Networking - Logan Legends Group

Local Biz Networking - Logan Legends Group
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Fri 13 December 2019
Friday 13 December 2019
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

You're invited to Network at the Logan Legends Networking Group



Cracking The Systems Code - 5 things you need to know to make doing business easier.



Pip Meecham is a systemisation specialist and has a love for all things systems, technology, processes and workflows.

She looks at the HOW in your business - how you do the things you do. This translates to reviewing your processes and workflows for efficiency and effectiveness, implementing tools and technolgoy to help streamline your operations, and building SOPs to help you scale and build a business that can work without you.

Making business easy is what Pip and the team at 186aad;">ProjectBox love and it’s what they do.

Logan Legends Networking Group

We want to warmly welcome you to feel part of a supportive local Network Group that cultivates, nourish and helps you grow both personally and professionally. Our Events is about connecting, gaining knowledge, building relationships, sharing business ideas and challenges while being supportive of each other.

When you arrive, you have the opportunity to share your business card and promotional material. Grab a coffee and feel welcome by our members in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We allow each Business the opportunity to introduce themselves. Our Members are divided into smaller table groups that is a more intimate way to discuss, share and collaborate on our Business topics. Each event has Network opportunities to create connections and build relationships with other Local Businesses.

Through our Local Business Networking Groups platform we have designed it so both your network and business can grow and flourish.

A Networking Group that supports Local Business and is focused on you the Business owner.

Doing Business Locally

Doing Local Business is what we are about! When you Network Locally you can cultivate relationships with local clients, businesses, supplies that can strengthen your Business and the Community.

About the Meetings

Join us as every fortnight at Local Biz Local Legends Group where you will be greeted by our wonderful Business Leaders, share ideas and collaborate with other Business owners plus gain knowledge with a special presentation once a month.

Logan Legends Group meets every 2nd Friday (features Guest Presenter) and 4th Friday (Business Workshop) of every month from 10am to 11:30am.

Business Topics for 2019

October – Organisation and Systems for your Business by Pip Meecham

November – Social Media


Casual Membership - Early Bird $15, On the Day $20

We understand you are busy and you are only able to attend a few events. We have the option for Casual Membership to suit your Business Calendar. Bookings are limited to spaces available.

Full Membership - $250 for one location or $350 for all locations
We want to make it affordable for all Businesses to attend, there are many benefits for a Full Membership with Local Biz Networking Group. You will have a supportive team behind you. Make sure you book your place for each Event.

If you find the Local Biz valuable we encourage you to bring a friend. Bookings Essential Below. Membership details are listed on our Website plus welcome to discuss further with Leaders at the event. https://www.localbiznetworkinggroups.com.au/

About the Event Location

Location: The Logan Legends Networking Group meeting is held at the dining area of the Meadowbrook Golf Club at Golf Course Drive, Meadowbrook (off Loganlea Road) where you can order coffee and food while you network. It is very central and is only 5 minutes from the Pacific Hwy and only 22km's south of the Brisbane CBD.  

 Lucky Door Prize

If you would like to donate a lucky door prize & spotlight your Business please contact the organisers below.


What can I bring to the event?

Bring along your business cards, promotional material, pen, paper, smile, and enthusiasm.

Are Children allowed at the event?
Children are allowed at the Events with permission by the Local Biz Leaders and Organisers. This is due to the availability of space. As we often have Guest Speakers and other Members have paid to attend we ask that you are mindful of disruption and responsible for your child while the Event is on.
Can Animals come to the Event?
We have had 'Pets' attend our Networking Events, please ask for permission by the Local Biz Leaders and Organisers as it is only allowed if the Cafe/Business where the Event is held is pet-friendly. Unfortunately, some Events are inside where animals cannot be allowed. Please also be mindful of disruption while the Event is going.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Tanya Glancy on info@d-tec.com.au ph 0433420010

Gan In on Jane@kgrealpropertiesgroup.com.au ph 0431826889

**Terms and Conditions - Agreeing to attend our Event you agree to the below Code of Ethics, Standards and Privacy.**

Local Biz Networking Groups Code of Ethics:
This Code of Ethics sets out the principles and practices of professional conduct to be observed by the members, casual members and visitors of the Local Biz Networking Groups.
Upon attending any event by Local Biz Networking Groups you agree to:
1. Provide the highest level of service for all members, referrals and other clients.
2. Adhere to the highest Code of Ethics for our respective industries.
3. Be unbiased, supportive, open, honest, respectful and courteous to the Directors and Members of LBNG always.
5. Treat guests, venue owners with respect, fairness and in good faith.
6. Take responsibility for any referrals given and contact within 24 hours of receiving.

1) As a Local Biz Networking Groups Member, Casual Member of Visitor you must not act in an unlawful, abusive, defamatory manner towards any Local Biz Network Groups Members, Visitors or Presenters.
2) Local Biz Networking Groups will not in any circumstance be responsible for any dispute arising between You and another attendee at Local Biz Networking Groups Events. Any dispute will be resolved between the persons with the dispute.
3) Each member, casual member, and guest agrees not to take any action against Local Biz Networking Groups or make a claim against any member for any matter relating to Local Biz Networking Groups.
4) LBNG accepts no liability in relation to any Business conducted between Members, Casual Members or Guests.
5) All Members, Casual Members and Guests understand and acknowledge that any Business conducted is at their own risk and decision.
6) No public statement, publicity or press release is to be made concerning Local Biz Networking Groups without the written consent of LBNG.

1) Without limiting your consent to LBNG publishing and promoting your Identifying Details and Networking Group on its Website and other Social Media Pages.
3) LBNG may invite you to different Networking or Social Events.
4) As an attendee of LBNG Events you will not send any unsolicited e-mails, direct mail or by any other means spam, harass, abuse or cause any harm to any members, casual members or guests.
5) You agree to protect each member’s and non-member’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to any personal information.
6) You acknowledge and consent that as a Member, Casual Member or Guest you may be photographed or filmed at an LBNG event.

Defined Terms and Interpretation
LBNG means Local Biz Networking Groups.

Like to know more about Local Biz Networking Groups?
Visit our Website https://localbiznetworkinggroups.com.au/ and find out the value Local Biz Networking Groups has to help support your Business.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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Meadowbrook Golf Club
Golf Course Drive, Meadowbrook, 4131, QLD, AU
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Golf Course Drive, Meadowbrook, 4131, QLD, AU

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Meadowbrook Golf Club
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