Locating ‘Self’ in the Sustainable Development Agenda

Tuesday  2 May  2017  6:00 PM    Tuesday  2 May  2017 7:00 PM
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Last update 03/05/2017

Warwick Global Sustainable Development society (GSDsoc) is proudly presenting our term 3 speaker, Marion Osieyo, to reflect on where to position 'us', as individuals, in achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs):

The Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs) is lauded as one of the first global agendas developed through a multi-stakeholder consultative process. Two years later, the SDGs has become a technocratic exercise between governments, private sector, and collective civil society. Marion Osieyo wants to bring this agenda outside the development community and start a dialogue about individual responsibility.

To address this question, Marion Osieyo will reflect on the narratives used to construct the individual in the Sustainable Development Agenda and the implications for individual agency and responsibility in achieving the sustainable development goals.

*Who is Marion Osieyo?*

Born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in London, UK, Marion Osieyo is a development practitioner, writer and adviser, specialising in global governance, gender equality and the Sustainable Development Agenda. She read Classical Studies at Exeter University and holds a Master of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy from Oxford University.

Marion has previously advised government administrations and international organisations on development policy including U.S. Congress, UK Department for International Development, BOND, British Council and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation. She has also worked with civil society organisations to promote social and economic development in South-East Asia, West Africa, and Europe.

In 2015, Marion was selected by the European Commission as a ‘Future Leader’ of International Co-operation and Development and was selected by former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown as a Prime Minister’s Global Fellow.

Marion is a noted public speaker and writer on global development issues and regularly publishes think-pieces on her site, Digging Deeper, which has attracted over 90,000 readers since launching in June 2016.

GSDsoc is very excited about this event, this will be our first speaker event ever since we are officially a society under the SU.
We would like to invite all of you, to bring your mind out of the revision period and to share the knowledge with you on Sustainable Development from such an amazing public speaker.