MakerWakes: R.I.P Car Ownership

Sunday  21 July  2019  4:00 PM    Sunday  21 July  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 22/07/2019

Join with us as we literally bury the past in a series of 'fake wakes' that remember the lives of fallen pillars of society and allow us to collectively move forward into the future. 
Hear eulogies from industry leaders who have been inspired by the fallen, hear harrowing stories from genuine lovers distraught by their loss and leave with a small gift from the will. 
After the service we will collectively raise a glass as a live band plays a final tribute and the donation bar serves until the keg runs dry.

Our second volume of this talks series will be focused on the death of Car Ownership and imagine a life and a planet without individually owned cars. We will be joined by City of Sydney Councillor Jess Miller, GoGet Carshare's Chris Vanneste and People Parkers' Branko Jaric who will share personal stories, future visions and points to ponder. 

Feel free to wear approporiate funeral attire as we enjoy a few cold ones and bid farewell to the global dream of owning your first car, may those dreams rest in peace! 

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