Master 1 - The I Process (Johannesburg)

Master 1 - The I Process (Johannesburg)
From Thu 18 July 2019 to Sun 21 July 2019
From Thursday 18 July 2019 to Sunday 21 July 2019
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Four days of getting real with your life.
A deep dive into the core of you.
A safe space to face your fears, and get unstuck.
A process of letting go of limitations, and rediscovering what really matters.
A radical level-up in your energy and ability to manifest your goals.
A playground for awakening your powers of creation.
A game-changer for letting go of your past, embracing the present, and creating a happier future.
During this breakthrough training you will:
- Go through high impact processes that give you immediate cellular level shifts and yield lasting results
- Expand your awareness, see things in a new light, and understand the “big picture” of life
- Unveil and undo everything that is untrue and has been holding you back
- Rewrite the story you have been telling yourself, and make new aligned choices
- Activate with your source energy powerhouse and unlock your manifestation abilities
- Learn practical creation tools that you can turn into sustainable daily routines, and build a new conscious lifestyle
- Envision and create your new future
On this training we create an atmosphere of openness, unconditional support, and authenticity. We offer you new perspectives and thought-provoking inquiries, practical exercises, empowering feedback and professional coaching from our world class trainers team.
If you have been feeling stuck, confused, unfulfilled, not on top of your game, overwhelmed, bored, resigned…even burnt out or mildly depressed – Master 1 will provide the shift that you know you need.
If you are looking for a change but don’t know where to start, feel the calling to reinvent yourself, and sense that there is more potential in you – Master 1 is the place to be.
Master 1 main themes include:
::Freedom – feel free, act free, be free
::Passion – create the life you love to live
::Energy – tap into your source energy and use it for constructive purposes
::Clarity – see clearly what you want to accomplish in life
::Integrity – align your actions with your words
::Awareness – perceive reality as it is
::Authenticity – stay true to who you choose to be
::Presence – be fully in the here and now
::Love – love without conditions
::Action – act independently from your thinking and feeling
Consider this:
You are the creator of your life. Infinite power is available to you, once you dare to discover it and learn how to use it. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!
The training takes place from July 18 till July 21 (four full days, starting 9 am and ending in the evening around 8-9 pm).
Location: Africlassic River Lodge - Rivonia - 21A Henry Road, 2128 Sandton, Gauteng in Johannesburg, South Africa (gate code 0402#)
Your investment for the training: ZAR 14970
****Special offer****
If you are attending Master 1 with a friend/spouse/colleague, they receive a 25% discount on the training price!
Email us to:
- and we will get back to you with details.
NEED MORE INFORMATION? WANT A PERSONAL CONSULTATION to decide if Master 1 is right for you?
CALL our graduate and Master Consciousness Coach, Yvonne Johnston: +27 83 327 1790
Our vision is bold yet simple: to make love a worldwide reality. Our mission is to awaken the essence in individuals and organizations, and to empower them to fulfill on their greatness. We do that through offering pioneering self-realization methods, facilitating impactful transformational processes, and teaching cutting edge creation tools. To learn more, visit our website

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21A Henry Road, 2191 Sandton, Gauteng
Henry Road, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

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Henry Road, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

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21A Henry Road, 2191 Sandton, Gauteng
Henry Road, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa

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