Mastering Property Investing Workshop

Sunday  21 April  2019  2:30 PM    Sunday  21 April  2019 4:30 PM
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This live training is full of careful, step-by-step strategies that you can use immediately to help you get started with investing in property, or accelerate and improve what you're already doing so that you can build your property portfolio.

Learn  How to Become a Sustainably Successful Property Investor with the Uk's Leading Training & Development Mentors, at The Mastering Property Investing Live Workshop.

Investors From all over the world are attending the Mastering Property Investing Live Workshop to Discover:

  • How to overcome the overwhelm that comes with property investing
  • Step-by-step processes for finding, creating and securing property deals
  • How to use smart systems and strategies to build a portfolio
  • Attract deals that are perfect and suited to the individual buyer
  • Ways to become ultra-efficient in scouting deals & sourcing finance
  • Powerful strategies to make better investment decisions quickly
  • The fastest ways to identify great deals and execute them safely
  • Tactics to leverage time and build a portfolio just like a business
  • Benchmarks that experts use to identify lucrative opportunities
  • Strategies to focus investment efforts towards wealth creation

We restrict the number of seats for our events to make sure each attendee has the best experience possible. Simply register to attend and and we'll see you soon!

We will be in Bristol on: 

Tuesday 16th April - (Novotel Bristol Centre Hotel)
Wednesday 17th April - (Radisson Blu Hotel)
Thursday 18th April - (Mercure Holland House)
Saturday20th April - (Bristol Mariott Royal Hotel)
Sunday 21st April - The Bristol Hotel

What to expect if you attend The Mastering Property Investing Live Workshop:

  • Complex property investing simplified. Like many finance related industries, property is one of those areas that confuses and frustrates many. Richard and Taro break everything down to simple, easy to digest modules
  • You'll be trained the UK's best. Katana, lead by Richard Van Ommen and Taro Nabetani have proven their system over and over again. More importantly, their community of fast developing property investors love the care and attention that helps them succeed.
  • Discover how to master property with a team around you. "Teamwork makes the dreamwork" and investing in property is the same as running a business. Richard and Taro blend systems with good people and show you how to build your property dream team!
  • Learn how to finance your investments intelligently. One of the biggest perceived barriers to getting into property is the financing side. It's actually easier than you think and you'll learn how the world's top property investors master finance with minimal risk.
  • Trust that you're learning from a reputable expert. It's hard to know who to trust these days when it comes to investment education, but with Katana, there's no question: proven track record, raving fan clients and unquestionable integrity make Katana a trusted brand.
  • Build your portfolio with confidence. Many investors get so lost on the journey to their success that they become disillusioned and forget why they even got started. Richard and Taro will bring you back on track and leave you with a blueprint for reaching your unique version of success quickly but realistically, with a safe, measured blueprint to help you get there.

Seats Fill Up Fast - REGISTER Your Spot Now! 

To RESERVE Your Seat, SELECT your preferred TIME and REGISTER.

As a BONUS bring along your business partner or life partner to make that change!

This event, if you do manage to grab a spot, has the power to be the catalyst to your financial growth through the age-old wealth, accumulation strategy of property.


Is this going to be a high quality training? 

Without question. Katana Group hold themselves to the highest standards and continually drive to ensure the learning experience for attendees and students is industry leading. We are passionate in the education and training of property investors and we make it our mission to see all of our guests walk away with far more than they expect from each of our events. 

Who is this event for?

Quite simply, this event is perfect for anyone who wants to build on their current financial position using property investing as a vehicle for doing so. We very proudly work with a wide range of people from all walks of life and professions including every day individuals and families. We fiercely protect and nurture our community in the process too. The investment is 2 hours of your time and the potential outcomes you may achieve as a result are endless.

What am I being sold?

In truth - nothing. You will not be pitched to and prodded into purchasing anything. This is a content rich training with real world strategies and techniques to help you grow. Like any business, we have programs, products and services if you're interested to be a part of our mentorship. However, there's no obligation or expectation for you to buy anything at all. You are welcome to come along for 2 hours, absorb all of Katana's industry leading strategies that we can fit into that time and then walk away and never speak to us again.  

Is this just for beginners?

Katana creates powerful systems for both starting and experienced property investors looking to maximise profits from property investment. If you have an existing portfolio and want to improve performance and cash flow we will explore ways to help you scale, automate, manage and gear it for high-growth. If you're just starting out then we can also help you set the fundamental pieces in place that will help you get started on the right foot for long term, sustainable success.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course you can, we encourage it!

How can I contact the organiser?
By replying to the ticket confirmation email or call our events team on 0203 773 3392

Look at our video below to see how Rob's has Grown his Property Portfolio by working with us! 

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