MCG - COACHING IQ - GAME DAY WORKSHOP. Rd1 Melbourne v Port Adelaide.

Saturday  23 March  2019  1:00 PM    Saturday  23 March  2019 4:30 PM
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Last update 24/03/2019

COACHING IQ - The Science Of Coaching.

You are invited to participate in taking an in-depth look at many factors of coaching in this unique live game day environment at an AFL game.

This dynamic coaching workshop is held in a CORPORATE BOX with a down ground view used by AFL coaches in their match analysis.

This workshop is open to all levels of Coaches, Leadership groups, Committee members and anyone interested in learning the machinations of coaching along with developing your 'Coaching IQ'.

During the workshop you will be learning & involved in:


Past, Present & future trends

Coaching V barracking

The three games within a game:
Team v team - Combat
Coach v Coach - Smarts
Plan v Plan - Tactics



Up & down the ground

Across the ground

Players & designated areas

Hotspots & dangers



In the box & on the field

Courage with Mental strength & Decision making

Signs of Mental & Physical fatigue

Skill erosion


Learn the secrets of recruiters when identifying players.

At certain periods within the game you will be asked to lock on to one player & follow their involvement in the game.

This includes: running patterns, interactions with opponents & team mates, identify where they are playing to strengths, skill sets + many other factors that will surprise your thoughts on this area.


What are you seeing, where is it happening. In close play & out in space.

There are many things to observe & be aware of in this area, we take you through numerous moves happening as the game is being played.

Who will gain the ascendency and who will get diminishing results?



An overall view of the ground with players showing leadership with actions and body language. Communication is key, who is positive, assisting teammates, coaching on ground and where is it happening off the ball and away from play.



Self- awareness. This is your personal template to the type of coach you are and coaching to your strengths. You will be encouraged to build your on-going coaching portfolio with what you have learnt during the workshop. The aim is to participate with other coaches, enjoy the session and maximise your coaching potential.


Please note: Due to the many dietary & allergy requirements this is a non-catered & alcohol free workshop within the box. However you are welcome to purchase your own refreshments from the many outlets within the stadium prior & during the game.
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Melbourne Cricket Ground
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