Michelle Krasowski and Justin Hall at Translating the Archive

Tuesday  3 November  2015  6:30 PM    Tuesday  3 November  2015 8:30 PM
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THE INTERNET ARCHIVE with Michelle Krasowski, Collection Development and Audiovisual Digitization Archivist followed by OVERSHARE: THE LINKS.NET STORY with Justin Hall, Filmmaker and Blogger

The Internet Archive allows for a broad range of materials and folk histories to be widely accessed. These collections include subject areas and materials that have not been traditionally accepted and curated as part of physical archives due to institutional scope, limitations of physical space, and bureaucracy/politics. The Internet Archive’s model for building collections allows people to share and tell their own stories. Marginalized communities previously excluded from having authority over their own heritage have access to archived material, increasing their control of historical and contemporary narratives. Learn more about the Internet Archive’s model for building inclusive archives with Michelle Krasowski, and if we’re a good audience, she may also demonstrate The Way Back Machine.

About OVERSHARE: THE LINKS.NET STORY with Justin Hall, Filmmaker and Blogger

“Today so many of us feel compelled to share personal moments online. What would happen if you went all the way, being radically honest, totally transparent, exposing yourself to distant strangers? Why would anyone want to do that?” asks Justin Hall. overshare: the links.net story is a documentary about fumbling to foster intimacy between strangers online. Through interviews, analysis and graphic animations, Justin Hall, the founding father of blogging according to the New York Times, reveals the motivations, joys and sorrows of sharing in the 21st century. Hall began blogging in 1993 at the age of 19. His site, links.net, became a repository of posts about anything that was on his mind, and people responded. “That was my first glimpse, like oh, these people might not want to date me or want to hug me, but they’ll talk to me about the TV shows I like and the drugs I’m curious about and the sex I wish I was having,” he told MTV News. Hall will join us in person to introduce overshare: the links.net story and discuss his experience of living on the Internet for 20+ years. (run time: 40 mins)

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