Microsoft Excel Advanced Pivot Tables - 1 Day Course - Sydney

Monday  25 March  2019  9:00 AM    Monday  25 March  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 26/03/2019

Use complex functionalities of Pivot Tables and analyse multiple files using the Power Pivot Add-in.

This course is ideal for

This course has been developed for people wanting to use more complex functionality of PivotTables within Microsoft Excel, including the PowerPivot add-in which allows you to analyse multiple files.

What you will learn

  • Create and modify existing PivotTables.

  • Work with calculated fields and summary tools.

  • Analyse multiple data sources with the PowerPivot add-in.

  • Create simple dashboards.

Topics covered in this training course

Basic PivotTable review

  • What is a PivotTable?

  • Prepare your data

  • PivotChart revision

  • Filtering data

  • Formatting values

  • PivotTable value field properties

  • Produce multiple PivotTables

  • Grouping date data

  • PivotTable format and display

  • Classic view

  • Create PivotCharts

PivotTable properties

  • Dynamic data ranges

  • Use tables as data sources

  • Dealing with zeros

  • Data drill down

  • Refresh PivotTable data

  • Change the data source

  • Move a PivotTable

PivotTable views

  • Manually sort data

  • Group fields

  • Work with Slicers

  • Work with timelines (2013)

  • Conditional Formatting

Subtotals and summarising

  • Manipulate display of totals

  • Advanced value field settings

PivotTable calculations

  • Calculated fields

  • Problems with calculated fields

  • Calculated items

  • GETPIVOTDATA function


  • Install PowerPivot (2010)

  • Activate PowerPivot

  • Understand PowerPivot

  • Import a text file into PowerPivot

  • Copy data into PowerPivot

  • Create relationships between data

  • Create a PivotTable in PowerPivot

Create a dashboard with PowerPivot and Slicers

  • Collect and link data

  • Create PivotCharts

  • Create a Slicer connected to multiple sources

  • Link Slicer values to cells

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