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MNDSGN 2019中国巡演·成都
Presented by Beatween × Eating Music
MNDSGN (Stones Throw, LA)
3月22日, 8:30pm @ Nu Space, 成都
阵容: MNDSGN (live set), Kota, ollo-MAM, 也是福
门票: 预售 160 RMB / 现场 200 RMB
MNDSGN, 提到这个名字不难联想到Stones Throw Records, Low End Theory这些在洛杉矶甚至全球新兴音乐场景中至关重要的厂牌和组织。这是他作为音乐人大放异彩的领地,也是其作品在传递丰富大胆创造性的同时又兼顾极高聆听度的“品质保证”钢印。
本名Ringgo Ancheta的MNDSGN, 成长于充满浓厚教堂福音文化的美国新泽西南部地区,从小深受发自本源传递美与爱的灵魂之声的深刻影响,当然那些90年代年轻人所热衷的文化B-Boy, R&B, Hip-Hop... 也都围绕着他。青年时期,他开始beatmaking音乐制作探索之路,并加入了制作人组织”Klipmode”, Knxwledge, Devonwho, Suzi Analogue等人都曾是其中一员,这为MNDSGN打开了一扇新大门。搬到洛杉矶后,他迅速融入当地新鲜音乐场景,引起了Low End Theory派对和Stones Throw厂牌的注意,并释出了一系列作品。在一段时间的磨砺积累之后,2014年MNDSGN发布了使他进一步走入大众视野的专辑《Yawn Zen》,复杂内敛的节奏和有趣人声片段的巧妙编排,是一段丰富的脑内旅行,也是他意图构建的”Mind Design”.
MNDSGN快速成长,世界巡演,建立新厂牌Akashik Records,和说唱歌手Danny Brown的单曲合作颇受好评... 更多音乐想法一一展现。
在2016年,他带来了颇具革新和话题性的专辑《Body Wash》,不仅是丰富的合成器音色、极具律动的节奏、玩味的人声,深入探寻,还可以听到80年代最金光闪耀的Boogie/Funk/Soul/Jazz/Fusion浪潮回溯而至。汲取了Leon Sylvers III, Kashif, Dave Grusin等一批传统律动与新式电子融合的前瞻性音乐人的影响,同时实验性地融入90年代R&B的独特风味,在MNDSGN的高度包容和创造力中焕发出新的生命。这张专辑也被美国专业音乐媒体Pitchfork评选为“2016年最佳电子专辑”。2018年,《Snax》mixtape发布,不循常规又恰当的remix作品几乎每首都充满着惊喜,MNDSGN的灵感持续迸发火花,它们五光十色。
“如果Ancheta (MNDSGN)的音乐试图触及的神秘目的地是1981年的溜冰场派对,那么这确实是一次超值的旅行,而且只会使下一个目的地更加令人期待。”—— by Pitchfork
2019年春天,Beatween和Eating Music携手把中国加入这场视听旅行。3月22日在成都的Nu Space,我们邀请MNDSGN带来独具特色的live set现场,同场支持还有来自Stones Throw的日本&亚洲地区负责人Kota, 本地优质音乐人也是福 Eddie Beatz, 以及来自上海Daily Vinyl & Eating Music的主理人ollo-MAM.
MNDSGN 2019 China Tour
Presented by Beatween × Eating Music
MNDSGN (Stones Throw, LA)
March 22, 9pm @ Nu Space, Chengdu
Support: MNDSGN (live set), Kota, ollo-MAM, 也是福 (Eddie Beatz)
Ticket: Pre-ticket 160 RMB / Door 200 RMB
Here are the options for you:
1, Step into a dance party filled up with energy
2, dip into the warm bath water, surrounding yourself with vapor, laying back, chilling, blood flow speeding up.
One thing you need to know before making a decision is that if you come to the spot, you’re going to have both experiences.
MNDSGN is a name when mentioned that naturally relates to labels and organizations like Stones Throw Records, Low End Theory, etc. in the new music scene around L.A. and the whole world. This is the field where MNDSGN, as a musician, set his talent and skills, and also a deep stamp of “QA” (quality assurance) for his rich creativity and perfect sounding experience in his music.
Ringgo Ancheta, better known by his stage name MNDSGN, grew up in the south side of New Jersey where there was full of strong gospel vibes and culture. Deeply inspired by gospel music and its essence: love, peace & soul when he was at his very young age, and certainly, B-boy, R&B, Hip-Hop… things and popular culture in the 90s were included. In his youth, he started his journey of beat making and music production. Later, he joined “Klipmode”, a crew with music producers like Knxwledge, Devonwho, Suzi Analogue… This opened a new door to MNDSGN and his music career.
After moving to L.A., MNDSGN naturally joined the local underground music scene and captured attention from Low End Theory and Stones Throw. ‘Yawn Zen’ was released as his debut album in 2014. Restrained but wide diversity of beats with wisely arranged vocal samples makes a perfect spiritual journey in minds of the listeners, which might be his own definition of “Mind Design”.
MNDSGN grew up so fast on his music side that he had his world tour and his Akashik Records, a hit single collaborating with Danny Brown… More musical ideas came up in his musically designed mind.
‘Body Wash’, a revolutionary album released by MNDSGN in 2016 is a collection of dazzling sounds of synthesizers, groovy beats, warm vocals and those typical vintage sounds from the 80s: Boogie/Funk/Soul/Jazz/Fusion… only if you listen close enough. Learning from musicians with perspectiveness and progressiveness in that age like Leon Sylvers III, Kashif, Dave Grusin etc., MNDSGN fused electronic sounding material with traditional rhythm and added more flavor from the 90s’ R&B music scenes. These sound waves were brought new life and energy by his high tolerance and creativity in music. This album was selected as “Best Electronic Album of 2016” by Pitchfolk. In 2018, MNDSGN released a mixtape ‘Snax’, unusually but just right to the point, almost every track remixed by him was a surprise. MNDSGN and his talent keep sparkling
“ If the elusive destination that Ancheta’s music has been trying to reach turns out to be a 1981 roller-rink party, it’s been a journey well-spent, and only makes the next destination more eagerly anticipated.”
—— by Pitchfork
Spring of 2019, Beatween and Eating Music will bring this journey to China. March 22 at Nu Space, Chengdu, MNDSGN and his live set is ready for you. Come and dance, chill and explore with us!
ADD: 9 Kuixinglou Jie, Qingyang, Chengdu
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